Galloway coming on strong in Florida

From Philadelphia to Florida, junior guard Ramon Galloway is not wasting any time making a name for himself this season. The 6-foot-2 guard from Dwyer High School in West Palm Beach, Fla., is having a big year and people are noticing.
The Philly transplant brought his brand of basketball to the Sunshine State and has helped Dwyer, one of the traditional powers in Florida, to a 20-1 record and a number one spot in the 5A state rankings.
Galloway is averaging a hair under 20 points a game, nine rebounds and four assists a game. He was named MVP of the Kruel Classic in December. Sounds like a guy not having any problems in a new area and playing a different style of ball.
"Up in Philadelphia I think we have more talent and that knack of 'You're not going to take that from me.' Down here, I think it's more aggressive and more athletic," Galloway said. "It's coming along pretty well (trying to blend the two together). I like the challenge. The first thing we were doing when I first got down here was two, three weeks of defense."
Galloway has garnered the interest from a number of schools so far thanks to his big season and a splash of good work last July.
Galloway said Western Kentucky (offer), South Florida (offer), Central Florida (offer), Syracuse, West Virginia and Tulane have been in to see him play this year, he said. Pittsburgh, Penn State, Albany, Clemson and North Carolina State are also looking at him.
"I wouldn't mind staying down here (in the South) because I like the weather," Galloway said. "No one stands out right now."
Even with his great junior year, Galloway said the spring time will be important for him to turn the interest into more offers.
"I think that is how I got my college looks," Galloway said. "I was playing really well at the Nationals for the Ambassadors and we were playing a really good team. There were like 150 coaches there. I had about 30 points and a couple of dunks. It was a good experience. I'm looking forward to doing it again."
Galloway said he will suit up for the Florida Rams this year. His first priority though, Galloway says, is winning a state championship.