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Future150 Midwest recap

The Future 150 Camp made is trip to the Midwest hitting St. Louis and Indianapolis in back to back weekends. Both cities had a solid young kids that you would classify as one's to watch. They also had plenty of kids that look to be headed the Mid and High Major routes. Here are some of the top performers from each of the ciites.
St. Louis
Chris Jones-(2012-Briarcrest High, TN) the 6-foot-1 inch CG showed off his point guard skills as saw the floor in transition and in the half court set. His first step off the dribble seemed to make impossible to stop when attacking the basket. Jones has shown improvements in his ball handling and while developing his mid range game.
Nico Meadows-(2013-Capitol Hill, OK) the 6-foot-1 inch PG displayed good athleticism in the open court while handling the ball and distributing to his team mates. He has a nice scoring game from all three levels and shoots the three points shoot extremely well. Meadows has the look of a high major prospect.
Jordan Wilson-(2011-Hazelwood Central, MO) the 6-foot-2 inch SG might of been the best all around player at the camp. He showed the ability to guard both guard positions as well as score from both too. He shot the ball well from mid range and while attacking the basket.
Travis Jorgenson-(2013-Columbia Rockbridge,OK) the 5-foot-10 inch PG showed elite ball handling skills when attacking his defenders. He shot the ball extremely well behind the arc and showed that he can be crafty enough to get to the rim and finish.
Zack Biggs-(2012-Parkway Central, MO) the 6-foot-6 inch SF is a long rangy player that can run the floor and finish on the break. He has increased his range from last year and showed he can make the 3 point shot with consistency. Biggs rebounds the ball really well and has added a jump baby hook when taking players in the post.
Antoino Hopkins-(2012-Vashon High, MO) the 5-foot-10 inch PG showed that he is like having a coach on the floor. He sees the entire floor and has the quickness to get into the lane and distibute the ball accordingly. Hopkins can score on all 3 levels and is extremely explosive in transition.
Darion Rackley-(2011-Christian Brothers, MO) the 6-foot-2 inch SG has improved his ball handling to go along with a great mid range game. He has a good first step and can score in bunches when the ball is in his hands. He shot the 3 pointer well all weekend long.
Revey Norton-(2011-Tulsa Central, OK) the 6-foot-1 inch SG was the best athlete in the camp. His high flying dunks on the break were some of the best in the camp. He showed he can score in tranistion and in the half court. A developing mid range game could be the next step in his game.
James Woodard-(2012-Edmond Central, OK) the 6-foot-4 inch SG proved he can handle the ball and score. He scored on all three levels but what impressed the most was his consistency to make shots off the bounce.
Jordan Woodard-(2013-Edmond Central, OK) the 6-foot-1 inch PG handled the ball really well while be pressured in the full court. He has good court vision and seemed to make all the right passes.
Juwan Parker-(2012-Booker T Washington,OK) the 6-foot-4 inch SG is a big strong bodied player who can take contact and finish at the rim. He shot the ball well from mid range and from beyond the arch. Parker rebouds the ball really well from the guard position.
Xavier Turner- (2013-Pike H.S., IN) the 5-foot-8 inch PG is a strong bodied guard that excels at getting into the lane. He did a good job all weekend in finding his teammates and scoring when necessary. He seems to have a good grasp of using the pick and roll as he effectively made the right decision a majority of the time. He has a good midrange game and finsihes well with contact. He isthe heir apparent to Marquis Teague when he graduates this year putting Pike in good hands for the next three seasons.
Nicolas Malonga-(2012-Bollingbrook H.S. IL) the 6-foot-4 inch WG made a living attacking the basket all weekend. When he wasn't slashing to the rim he had a reliable 18 footer to count on. He seems to be at his best in transition and uses his lentgh to finish around the rim. More work on his handle will make him a strong mid plus prospect.
Sean Sellers-(2014-Greensburg Community H.S. IN) the 6-foot-4 inch WG does a great job creating fouls and getting to the line. Seems to love contact but is equally effective shooting the long ball. At times he can be too unselfish. Does a good job rebounding on the offensive end.
CJ Gettys-(2012- Findlay H.S. OH) -6-foot-10 inch center was the tallest player at the camp, Gettys looks to be comfortable in the high post and finding his cutting teammates. When on the block he passes well out the double team and goes to his jump hook as his go to move. Not very athletic, Gettys needs to continue sharpening his skills around the block. He has just returned to the court after having his appendix removed in early July.
James Volovic 5-foot-11 inch SG and Michael VolovicM- 5-foot-10 inch PG (2013-Carmel H.S. IN) - These twins played with passion all weekend. James, who has a quick trigger, can shoot it well beyond the arc and effectively uses his dribble to get to the basket. Michael is more of a distributer but is effective shooting the ball as well. Both are tough defenders that don't mind giving up their bodies.
Wade Stallings II-(2013-North Central, IN) 5-foot-6 inch PG might of been the best pure passer at the camp. He has great court vision and got in the lane while making all the right passes. Stallings is a great on ball defender.
Aaron Brennan-(2014- Guerrin Catholic, IN) the 6-foot-5 inch WF made a living on the pick and pop, knocking down the long ball with consistency. He was also smart enough to use the pump fake and dribble to get in the lane when his defender aggressively played the jumper.
Nick Rogers-(2014-Pike H.S, IN) the 5-foot-8 inch PG was one of the better shooters at the camp. Good off the dribble as well as the catch. When not knocking down the jumper he uses his quicks to create for his teammates. He has two good ones to learn from at Pike with Teague and Turner.
William Nixon-(2012-Plainfield South, IL) 6-foot-7 inch PF is a banger in the truest sense, Nixon does most of his work around the basket where he has a baby hook which proved to be unblockable. He finished with contact and was very active on the glass. Undersized but long, he uses his lentgh to block shots and rebound effectivly. Nixon likes to turn and face when make moves around the basket. He showed a good motor on both ends of the floor.
Jamie Rutherford-(2013-Bowman Academy, IN) the 6-foot-6 WF shows promise as a wing. He can shoot it from the line as well as slash to the basket. As he gets stronger he will be able to finish with consistency, making him a tough assignment on the offensive end.
John Roberts-(2014-Arsenal Tech, IN) the 6-foot PG was playing with an injured wrist, Roberts shows promise as a lead guard and a tough hard nosed defender. Does a good job of getting to the basket and finishing with contact.
Devin Carter-(2012-John Hay High, OH) the 6-foot-4 inch SF has a high motor and competes extremely hard on both ends of the floor. He has good athleticism and uses when rebounded on both offense and defense. Carter has the ability to finish at the rim with contact and can knock down the mid range jumper.
Deuce White-(2013-Tulsa Memorial, OK) the 6-foot-1 inch PG proved not only can he handle the ball but also has a nice mid range game. He has a nice motor on both ends of the floor and is quick enough to guard both guard positions.
Middle School Players
There were some middle school players from both camps that played well on the weekend:
Jaylin Flemming-2017 the 5-foot PG showed off some elite ball handling skills which has made him a celebrity on only on the court but on television as well. He seemed to make all the right passes.
[b]Justin Roberts[b] - 2017 the 5-foot-6 inch PG is a player who doesn't lack for confidence, shot the ball well and defended hard all weekend. He has a good body which he uses on both sides of the floor to his advantage.
Kobe Webster-2017 the 4-foot-10inch PG who shoots the ball well and although small in frame is not afraid to mix it up with the big boys.
Eron Gordon-2016 the 5-foot-7 inch SG is the little brother of Eric Gordon, Eron doesn't need much room to let it fly. He hit many contested shots on the weekend.
TJ Henderson- 2015 the 5-foot-6 inch PG is three points waiting to happen. He has a good stroke from the arc and has an effective floater when driving to the basket.
KJ Lesure- 2016 the 5-foot-2 inch PG was only available for Sunday's action but he showed good handles and did a good job with ball pleasure defensively.
Braxton Miller- 2015 the 5-foot-11 inch SG was clearly one of the top young player in the camp. He shot the ball with consistency from both mid and long range.
The Future 150 Camp series continues next week at Nashville, then onto Atlanta and Dallas.