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Even after a big summer playing for the Kansas City Pumas, senior guard Landry Shamet has managed to remain a little under the radar. While his name hasn't been in many headlines, he has proven that he can play with the big boys and now has four programs fighting for his services.
Standing 6-foot-4, Shamet is a product of Kansas City (Mo.) Park Hill who started getting attention from high major programs around the midway point of his junior season. When he first hit the grassroots trail, he had a few anxious moments in front of the big crowds of college coaches there to see him play. By July, though, he had settled into his comfort zone.
"For me what clicked was I just needed to get back to the game I grew up loving as a kid and making it as simple as that," Shamet told "I can't control what coaches are going to be there watching and what they are going to think. I just needed to play my game and control what I could do.
"That was the biggest thing, just going out and playing and having fun."
Shamet makes it sound simple enough, but there was a lot of hard work involved. Capable of playing as either a point or shooting guard, his basketball IQ and feel for the game are both outstanding. He is a dangerous shooter, handles the ball very well, sets up others and is able to play aggressively without being out of control. Not surprisingly, coaches love that he can do many things and that he is low maintenance off the floor.
"A lot of (college coaches) talk about my versatility," said Shamet. "Some schools are primarily recruiting me as a point guard and some as an off the ball guy. If they want both they can kind of knock out two birds with one stone because I can work at both spots.
"It is weird talking about myself because I'm a humble guy, but they also say they like my character."
Thinking long term, Shamet is hoping to play more as a point guard because big point guards are popular. Thinking more short term, he has narrowed his list down to Colorado, Illinois, Kansas State and Wichita State. He has already been on each campus unofficially and will now head back to each officially.
His most recent trip was to Illinois, just this last weekend, and he has tentative plans to return officially on the weekend of Oct. 10.
"The guys weren't in town but I really, really liked the coaching staff," said Shamet. "People was the biggest thing for me, who I'm going to be seeing every day and working with. I really liked the people and how they play is intriguing to me. I also talk a lot about my gut and the feel that I can't really describe and it felt good. On the drive back I thought that it would be smart to go back and see more."
His first official visit will come at the end of August when he makes his way to Wichita State. Being a blue collar and under the radar guy himself, the Shockers hold plenty of appeal to Shamet.
"It's the blue collar and under the radar guy thing," said Shamet. "Talking to coach Marshall he radiates blue collar and hard work. They have really good character guys too. I haven't played with them but just talking to them in the locker room I get a good feel and I get along well with them. Also the playing style is a fit as well."
After his late August visit to Wichita State, Shamet will make his way to Boulder to visit with Tad Boyle and the Buffaloes on the weekend of September 12th.
"It's the people there, I've been fortunate to create a great relationship with them and the coaching staff," said Shamet. "Playing with the guys and talking to them on my unofficial visit they seemed cool. Basketball there is on the rise and the thing about me is I've been kind of under recruited and under the radar. I like to play with a chip on my shoulder and they are kind of like that too."
Last but not least is Kansas State, Shamet will check them out the last weekend of September.
"Me growing up in Kansas City, the Big 12 has been pretty high on my list as far as conferences go," said Shamet. "You are going to be playing good teams every night and it's close to home so extended family can come see me play. I have a pretty good relationship with the coaching staff and I had a pretty good visit and really liked the guys on the team there."
Heading into his official visits, Shamet is doing his best to look at each team equally and he's not going to rush.
"I'm taking all four visits," said Shamet. "That's one of the thing things I've been good with. I've been very thorough and I've told myself that even if I have a favorite after two visits, I'm going to take two more to be sure. I want to take full advantage of the opportunity so I will take all four.
"The feel is going to be huge, that indescribable feel. From being on campus at all four places, they are all schools I can see myself at as far as the big highlighted areas go. It's going to come down to the little things and that feel, the gut feel."
Currently a three-star prospect, Shamet will be bumped up to four-star status when he makes his rankings debut in next week's updated Rivals150 for the class of 2015.
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