Footballs On the Mind Of Greg Paulus

When the Catholic Church elects a new Pope and wants to make it known to its followers, a cloud of smoke comes out of the Vatican. Maybe this might be the proper way for junior standout point guard Greg Paulus to make his announcement.
Paulus, 6-foot, 180-pounds from Christian Brothers Academy in New York, is expected to make a decision before school starts between Notre Dame, North Carolina, Duke, Xavier, and Syracuse. "He hasn't made one yet," said his mother, Denise. "He has started two a day practices at high school for football."
Paulus is also a solid quarterback for his high school team. He can toss the football over 60 yards. "He's just been having fun playing football now," said Mrs. Paulus. "He's learning new plays so it's keeping him busy."
Paulus has taken visits to all the schools left on his list. So it's just a matter of time before he makes a decision. The reason why these high major programs offered Paulus so early is Greg has the ability to make the other players on the court better.
Greg isn't a flashy guard like Sebastian Telfair. He isn't an athletic backcourt player like Josh Wright. But he simply knows how to play the game and get the ball into his teammates' hands in great spots on the floor. Paulus is probably appreciated more by college coaches than fans who watch in the stands or even by most scouts. He possesses skills that are very important to winning games but are rarely noticed by the average basketball fan.
Paulus did have a very good spring and summer. He twisted his ankle at the NIKE camp but did play in the late part of July. He recently finished up his visit to Notre Dame. Paulus, for the most part, has been neutral about his feelings on each of the schools left on his list. To this day, he remains consistent in his thoughts.
"He's just having a good time playing football," said Mrs. Paulus. "He hasn't made a decision yet. I think he's been so busy with football it's hard to make a decision now."
But this decision could come at any moment. Once Paulus does make up his mind, will alert you. If you see a puff of smoke coming from a little town in upstate New York, perhaps it's Paulus making a decision? "I will tell him that could be a way to do it," said Mrs. Paulus as she laughed.
Paulus goes back to school after Labor Day weekend. So, if he is to stick to his initial plan, a decision would likely come between today and next weekend.