Florida sophomore has vast potential

Bonifay, Florida isn't what anybody would call a big city. As it turns out, though, one of the town's 4,000 or so residents, Chris Walker, just so happens to be one of the top basketball players in the country.
A product of Holmes County High, the 6-foot-9 sophomore has been having a monster spring while playing with the Atlanta Express.
"I think I've been putting in the work and the work to get better is mostly why I'm playing well," Holmes told ""So far I think I've done real good on the defensive side. I've been getting a lot of rebounds lately, like 12 a game, and I'm blocking shots. I'm still getting it done on the offensive end too."
Watch Walker play and you don't have to be a high level scout or coach to appreciate the five-star prospect's potential as a basketball player. He runs the floor extremely well, has outstanding length, is a top-shelf athlete and has offensive and defensive skills to go along with his physical gifts.
"Probably as of right now, I'm just a post," says Walker of his game. "I can probably be a combo forward down the road. But, I'm not knocking down my shot like I used to, so I'm more of a post."
While he's excelled in just about every aspect of the game this spring, Walker admits that he's been frustrated with his jump shooting.
"I don't get it I still work on my shot like I used to but it's like it doesn't want to hear it," said Walker. "But, I've also gotten a lot a bigger and more athletic."
Not surprisingly, college coaches have begun to find their way to the edge of the Florida panhandle to check Walker out.
"My coach doesn't tell me who is coming but when I looked in the stands I saw (coaches from ) Florida, Alabama and Georgia a couple of times," says Walker of the schools who have been out to see him. "Of course I saw Florida State, I saw Auburn, Virginia Tech, and I saw Ohio State. My coach doesn't like to tell me who has been in so I don't get a big head."
More recently, Walker says that he's been hearing more from several more schools looking to get involved.
Kentucky, Kansas, Syracuse, Baylor and national champion Connecticut are among the additional schools that have said they want to watch him play this summer.
When he's not traveling with the Express, Walker will have himself a busy summer and plans to make stops at Adidas Nations, Under Armour's Best of the Best camp and he's pretty sure that he'll end up doing the Nike Skills Academies.
Outside of that, he's just working on his game and dreaming about how far it could potentially take him.
"I think about it all the time," said Walker of college and beyond. "It doesn't matter how far it is to me. I just like a transition team that pushes it and maybe has some dribble drive or lets their big guys get out and make plays."