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Five-star senior Precious Achiuwa in no hurry

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Precious Achiuwa
Precious Achiuwa (Bob Blanchard / Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame)

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. -- Five-star forward Precious Achiuwa doesn't sound like he's in any hurry to make a decision.

A chiseled and athletic senior at Montverde (Fla.) Academy, he's locked in on his last year of high school with a loaded group of teammates.

"It's been going pretty good," said Achiuwa. "We are a totally different team from last year with new guys and this is pretty much everybody's first year here. Balsa Koprivica is the only returning player, but so far we've been looking good and getting better on and off the court. We are just taking care of business and that's the goal moving forward."


Achiuwa hasn't ever put out a true list of schools but North Carolina, Kansas, UConn and St. John's are among the programs most often linked to him. He discussed each.

UNC: "They came over to Montverde and we met and talked about obviously what they do at their program and that was pretty much it. North Carolina is one of the greatest programs of all time and I thought that was really something that was different that they took the time out to come see me, talk to me. It's just different once you actually talk to somebody face to face than over the phone."

UConn: "UConn they talk to me a lot. They actually came to see me one time before the season started. (Kimani Young) and coach Danny (Hurley). So they came over to the school to see me."

St. John's: "St. John's has come down to see me also. The entire coaching staff actually came down to see me. I've lived in New York pretty much since I've been in the states and my brother (God's Gift Achiuwa) went there. I think it's like I have a connection to them because of my brother, but I still have to sit with my family and decide what I should do for college because me and my brother have different paths and don't have to go to the same spot."

Kansas: "Kansas has been trying to get more involved, but actually Kansas has been there for a very long time. They hit me up all the time, from time to time and we talk. Kansas has been there for a really long time."


By now, there is usually a feel that at least a few schools have started to edge in front for a player. That hasn't happened with Achiuwa and most are guessing at where he might be leaning without any good info, even behind the scenes.

On top of that, Achiuwa comes off as a kid who is genuinely focused on his senior year. It shouldn't be too long, though, before we get a better idea as Achiuwa says he'll look to line up visits in the near future.

"I haven't taken any official visits yet and I don't have any planned yet," said Achiuwa. "But soon I will sit with my family and we are going to talk about what schools we should visit and move forward from there.

"My family, we value education, we value college. We value the experience of the college lifestyle and just being around a lot of athletes, students and that's something my family and I will consider and we think that's very important for me."