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Five-star Naz Reid stands out at talent-laden showcase


ROSELLE, N.J. — Five-star center Nazreon Reid stole the show at the talent-laden Primetime Shootout on Sunday, the final premier event before the high school playoffs begin nationwide. Some of the very best teams from the New Jersey and New York metro areas were featured. Here are the standouts from the event.

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His day: Reid was a mean, bad dude as he put his Roselle Catholic bunch on his back and finished with a pristine stat line of 36 points and 18 rebounds, all of which while knocking down 13 of his 17 shots from the field. The five-star center is learning to play more inside-out rather than outside-in and because of it, is beginning to comprehend that he can dominate whenever he might want.

Who is involved: UConn, Kansas, Kentucky, St. John’s, Rutgers, Maryland and many others

Quote: “Education first and winning. That is a big thing in my life. I am a sore loser. I do not like losing.”

Prediction: The heavy hitters are beginning to ramp the attention up in the pursuit of Reid, but chances are that the Roselle Catholic big man may stay close to home. Sure, John Calipari had to have been impressed by Reid during his viewing Sunday and UK could heat things up, but St. Johns, Rutgers and Syracuse could have a final say when it comes to the five-star junior.

His day: Oak Hill had gone down in defeat Saturday evening, but they bounced back in a strong way Sunday and McCormack was a major reason one. The Virginia native manned the center position down low, rebounded the ball in high allotments and scored with good touch and nimble footwork in his team’s victory as they left Jersey on a high note.

Who is involved: Virginia Tech, Kansas, Louisville and a slew of others

Quote: “My family wants to know about location, being close to home; the best opportunity for me and the development of bigs. Also, the relationship with the coaches, not like a professional relationship but more of a family-type of a relationship.”

Prediction: Things are far from complete in the recruitment of McCormack. Tracking as a top-five center in his class nationally, name a school and they’re likely involved with the four-star big man out of the mighty Oak Hill program. However, the fact that the native of Norfolk, Va., cited the names of Virginia Tech, Kansas and Louisville bodes well for each program moving ahead.

His day: It was one of the best first halves of basketball that we had seen all winter long as Carey came out absolutely torching the nets with 25 points off of five made 3-point jumpers. He did cool off as his team couldn’t keep up with the loaded Roselle Catholic bunch, but the 6-foot-2 guard definitely bettered his standing as a four-star recruit.

Who is involved: Seton Hall, Rutgers, UConn, Minnesota, Notre Dame, Kansas and many others

Quote: “I am not really worried about my recruitment right now. I am more focused on my season. Probably by the end of my AAU season and during my senior season, I should have a better decision.”

Prediction: Carey is beginning to see his stock go national this winter and for good reason. Not many can score the ball like the top-100 prospect, but look for the local programs, more specifically, Seton Hall, to come away with the commitment from the improving guard.

His day: Moses Brown has not stopped growing, both literally and in his basketball development. The New York native now stands over 7-foot tall and he also has implemented counter moves in the post and also some emotional sparks on the floor. Each look like fine progressions out of the top rated center in the 2018 class. Brown finished with 19 points.

Who is involved: Maryland, Miami, Cal, Kansas, St. John’s, Arizona, Louisville, Kentucky, Duke and others

Quote: “Probably late in my senior year I will make my decision. I will probably narrow things down late summertime. I want a place that I can develop and can become a pro.”

Prediction: Thanks to the dearth of premier big men in the 2018 class and the elite upside and improvements out of Brown, the recruitment of the 7-footer is far from complete. When push comes to shove, we will place our bets on Maryland in landing the five-star junior.

His day: Is there a more outgoing, personable kid in all of high school basketball? Out of the underclassmen ranks, Lewis wins by a landslide. The 6-foot-5 jumping jack of a ballplayer is the heart and soul of his Ranney School team as he created for others, finished at the basket and practically guarded every spot on the playing floor, cementing his standing as a top-five recruit in his class nationally.

Who is involved: St. John’s, Seton Hall, Rutgers, Duke, Kentucky, Florida and others

Quote: “I am not really worried about. I am just focused on the playoffs and trying to have fun with it all. I am not too worried about my recruitment right now.”

Prediction: Lewis is tracking as one of the more recruitable prospects nationally in the 2019 class, which means things can only heat up from here. The five-star sophomore isn’t too focused on the recruiting front, but if we have to name a future home for the Ranney School star, let’s go with Florida as his place of residency when the time comes.