Basketball Recruiting - Five-star junior gets state title
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Five-star junior gets state title

If Theo Pinson wanted to take a short break from the gym, nobody could blame him.
A five-star junior at High Point (N.C.) Wesleyan Christian, the 6-foot-6 wing just won a state championship and has earned some time off. Chances are he'll be back in the gym and he's certainly not trying to take all the glory for winning the title and makes sure to spread the love to his talented teammates.
"I think this year we had, as you can see we, had the team to do it," Pinson told"Coach said to stay hungry and humble. He told me and Harry Giles we're the offensive scorers and he gave everybody everything else what they needed to do. Jaquel Richmond was big too. His scoring went down this year but this production all over was better.
"I think that we had games where I wasn't at my highest of scoring but we had so many players who could play. Like the state championship game I didn't have that many points but I did other things to win."
A big time athlete with a super first step, great length and above average quickness, Pinson is a load in transition. He loves to drive baseline, defends and has a knack for making things happen. Ranked No. 11 nationally in the class of 2014, Pinson looks in the mirror and sees a guy who makes the available play.
"I think my game is more of playmaker type,' said Pinson. "I just like to make plays. Some people think I look for others more than I look for myself. I'm unselfish, I try to get others involved. That's what I'm working on now, learning how to know when you have to call your own number and get some buckets."
In addition to being more assertive at times, Pinson is well aware that some have picked on his jump shot as an area of concern. He takes the criticism in stride and while working on his mechanics he has also taken a page out of the book of probably the best player in the world.
"I think my jump shot has gotten way better," said Pinson. "Just how LeBron has learned not to shoot as many threes, to mix it up a little bit, I have learned to not take so many threes and to just go in the flow of the game and make sure I'm taking good threes."
During Pinson's state playoff run, there was one constant from a recruiting perspective. Pinson could look in the stands each day of the three day tournament and see a member of the Indiana coaching staff as assistant Kenny Johnson was there there each day before being joined by Tom Crean to watch the finals.
"Indiana I took a visit there," said Pinson. "They told me when I went up there and ever since then and before that I was a priority. They are showing it right now. They are showing up at playoffs right now.
"Other teams want me too but they've had games. Luckily Indiana had the weekend off so they were able to be there. Other schools have told me they would be there for sure but they've had game."
Among those other teams that are involved with Pinson are local programs like Duke, North Carolina and N.C. State all of whom he's seen plenty in person. He says that Kentucky has been expressing more interest of late as others like Georgetown, Ohio State, Memphis and Louisville continue to express interest.
There has been plenty of speculation of late that Pinson could be near a decision. He acknowledged that he's heard all of the rumors but says for now he has no plans to make a decision until at least after the summer.
When he does decide, winning and the ability to do so during his college career will be very important.
"I've never been on a losing team," said Pinson. "When I get to college I don't want to lose. I want to go in and win.
"Some guys think they need to go somewhere that isn't as good so they can play right away and score a bunch of points to get recognition. I think when you win you get recognition for winning. The good thing about it is all of the schools recruiting me are good schools and they all have a chance to win national championships."