Five-star freak looking at four schools

At face value, Senario Hillman isn't going to intimidate anyone. But when the 6-foot-2, 170-pound slasher from Wilkinson County (Ga.) High School leaves the floor, people notice. The class of 2007 prospect is one of the top athletes in his class and he's starting to put together an impressive list of schools recruiting him.
Hillman, the No. 17 ranked player in the class of 2007, has been an explosive spark for the Atlanta Celtics on the AAU circuit this year. But the soft-spoken, small-town prep star won't gloat too much in his success.
"I believe I've done real good, playing hard, playing physical. That's about it. I just play hard," he said.
His trademark is his incredible athleticism. At one AAU event, the unassuming high-flyer saw his opportunity to dunk it on a defending seven-footer. The dunk even had the Celtics head coach Hulio Smith looking for the cameraman to get a copy of the dunk.
"I guess when you are a seven-foot guy and you see a six-footer coming at you, you just hold your hands up. I guess the big man didn't know (Hillman) drops out of the sky," Smith said.
Those moments happen at every event. Hillman said he's hoping those same moments catch the attention of recruiters in July. He'll start the busy month off at the adidas Superstar camp. He wouldn't be surprised to see coaches from LSU, Georgia, Kentucky and Arizona at his games either.
"Those are the hard hitters right now," Hillman said. "I want to end it early. I don't want to drag it out."
The five-star prospect said he's not looking too hard at the recruiting process early on but he said he has an idea of what he's looking for.
"I want to get out of the state of Georgia," Hillman said. "I want to get out on my own."
As a younger opponent on the 17 and under circuit, Hillman is finding ways to improve his game as the big evaluation period draws nearer.
"I've been playing against these older guys and it makes me better. I don't really like playing against guys my own age. I like that kind of challenge," Hillman said. "Defense, I've gotten a lot better playing the older guys. I didn't like playing defense when I was younger but they make me play defense with the older guys."
Smith said Hillman's game is a perimeter shot away from being a true elite high-major.
"He's been in the gym a lot working on his shot. His mid range is down packed but he's still trying to extend it out to three-point line," Smith said. "Once he does that, he's unguardable because his first step is so explosive. He's a freak. That's the simplest way to put it."