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Five-star Brandon Huntley-Hatfield discusses visits and options

Brandon Huntley-Hatfield
Brandon Huntley-Hatfield (

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. -- One of the premier prospects in the 2022 class, five-star Brandon Huntley-Hatfield is getting to a point where his production more regularly matches his vast potential.

A skilled and athletic 6-foot-9 faceup four man from Tennessee, Huntley-Hatfield was originally in the class of 2021 but since he was young for his class elected to move to 2022 so that he would have more time to mature. In the process he transferred to Bradenton (Fla.) IMG where the team is loaded. In the short term, he has sacrificed some individual stats, but in the long term it will benefit him.

"I feel like every day in practice I'm getting better," Huntley-Hatfield told "I'm playing against the best competition in the country. Some days it's kind of hard because we have a no days off mentality but I'm working hard and getting better every single day. That's the goal, no matter if I have a bad game or a good game. I just want to get better."

Currently holding offers from Auburn, Baylor, Kentucky, Memphis, Mississippi, Seton Hall and Wake Forest, he's been focused on his shooting and day to day mentality.

"I think my shot, from working on it during the summer and each day after school it is getting better," said Huntley-Hatfield. "My defense and my mentality to be stronger so I can play defense better and get around bigger guys."



Because he is a junior in the classroom, Huntley-Hatfield has actually been able to take some official visits. He's been to Memphis and Ole Miss officially, saw Kentucky unofficially and said he for sure wants to see Baylor. He discussed each of the four schools.

Baylor: "Coach (Scott) Drew, me and my mom are in a group chat with him and we talk every single day. He sends in the group chat about how he wants to get me on campus. I haven't really gotten to talk to him by myself a lot so I really want to show love to Baylor, get to know him and go for a visit next year."

Kentucky: "The game was pretty live and I talked to coach (John) Calipari and his staff in the back. They really kept it real with me and kept saying that they really want me on their team when the time comes for me to commit. The visit was really good and it was an unofficial so I'm looking forward to taking an official next year. They just told me Kentucky is Kentucky and that it's not about you or your ego. They have a lot of good players, they get all the five-stars or whatever but Coach Cal doesn't care about the rankings and what stood out to me is that you have to give yourself up for the team and it's not about you."

Memphis: "That visit was good it was kind of the same vibe as the other visits. Coach Penny (Hardaway) and Coach Mike (Miller) showed me how I have a really high ceiling. I talk to coach Miller almost every day. It was pretty fun, on my visit I even played Jenga with coach Miller and he's a down to Earth guy. Coach Penny is really down to Earth too. They talked a lot about the next level and how everybody there is great and the amount of work it takes to be successful."

Mississippi: "That visit was really good. I don't even know how to explain it. It just felt surreal to be in that atmosphere and I felt like I could really see myself with an Ole Miss jersey on. They just kept it real about what I would bring if I came there and what my game could mean to the team. They really want me to come back and I'm sure I'm looking forward to taking another visit next year


At some point, Huntley-Hatfield is going to have to decide whether or not to go back to his original class of 2021 or to continue with his plan to do a year of prep school and enroll as a 2022 prospect.

What he decides to do there could have a big impact on his recruitment and he will be looking to what players in 2021 do when he makes his decision.

"After this season I'm going to play summer ball with B. Maze Elite,'" said Huntley-Hatfield. "Then after the summer I'm going to see where I am. I think some people in 2021 are going to reclass up and I think after the summer I will make my decision about whether I want to go back to 21."

When he's settled on his class and it comes time to pick a school, security and getting pushed will be of the utmost importance.

"I have to feel secure. I have to feel like it's a family and a place where I can come in and have an impact automatically and I want to be pushed every day. That's why I'm weighing my options and taking as many visits as I can and investing as much time into this as I can."