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Five-star BJ Boston schedules his first official visit

(Jon Lopez/Nike @NikeEYB)

One of the top wing prospects in the 2020 class, BJ Boston has cemented his standing as an elite target entering his junior year. A 6-foot-6 wing with a plethora of upside and versatility, Boston has scheduled his first official visit for next weekend.

Breaking out this summer with the AOT Running Rebels program, Boston has not been short on college interest. However, four programs have begun to separate themselves from the pack as Boston went in-depth on his upcoming visit to Duke, who could land his next official visit and what he is looking for in a college program.

Corey Evans (CE): What was the ascension like for you, from July on?

Brandon Boston (BB): I have just been working out, trying to get my handles right, get stronger and get my game to the next level.

CE: School interest has had to pick up a little bit. Who have you been in contact with the most often?

BB: It has been at the same pace, I would say. But, mainly I have been talking to Duke, Florida, Alabama and Ohio State.

CE: We have heard the Brandon Ingram comparison with you; what has Duke been telling you so far?

BB: I am actually going to go up there for an official visit on Friday.

CE: What are your feelings about them?

BB: It is just good to have that offer.

CE: What have they been telling you about how you might fit in there?

BB: I have been watching for them for the past few years with Jayson Tatum, Brandon Ingram and those type of guys and how they have been used.

CE: What are you looking forward to seeing while you’re there?

BB: The coaching staff, how they practice, and what they do to get better.

CE: Another school you said was Alabama. What are your feelings about them?

BB: They just have a very good coaching staff and they work really hard.

CE: Have you been up there recently?

BB: I have been there twice but I haven’t been up there since June.

CE: What are your feelings there with how Avery Johnson has turned things around over there?

BB: He just brings a lot of energy to everything which is something that I really like.

CE: Another SEC program is Florida; what are your feelings there?

BB: I have been talking to (Jordan) Mincy a lot over the past few months and weeks. He just wants to have me up there and I am ready to see it.

CE: What have they had to say about Florida basketball and why you should go there?

BB: They play fast and really, just let their players play.

CE: Last one is Ohio State. What are your feelings there?

BB: I talk to Coach Holt (Chris Holtmann) and Coach (Mike) Schrage. They said they need a good wing for that year and have had good success with wings in the past.

CE: Have you been up there at all?

BB: Yeah, I went up there last year whenever their football team played Penn State. It was freezing!

CE: What were your thoughts about the campus and fan base?

BB: Their fan base is crazy! Just crazy.

CE: So, Duke is this weekend. Any other visits on your schedule?

BB: I think Florida after that. I want to do that one officially.

CE: At the end of the day, what is going to be important for you for school?

BB: Where I can play, the coaches love me and a place that can help me get to where I want to be which is to the next level.