Fields is looking to prosper in July

July is a proving ground for every player looking for a scholarship. Floridian Dexter Fields is no different.
The 6-foot-2, 190-pound combo guard from Olympia High School in Orlando is hoping to turn interest into scholarship offers. The three-star guard will participate in the Reebook All-American camp the first week of July in Philadelphia and that's where he hopes to turn the page in his recruitment.
"I'm real excited about camp. I've been hearing that people from out of state say the Florida boys don't play defense, Florida boys are soft. I'm excited to show them that isn't the case."
Fields' game is far from soft, too. The rough and tough guard's strength is getting to the basket and using his strong frame to challenge defenders at the rim.
"The coaches [that are recruiting me] have been telling me that they have watched me and see that I'm the type that likes to get buckets and that is what their program needs," Fields said. "They said they always need someone who can score and get buckets."
So who exactly is in the mix with the three-star guard? Fields said he has interest from Nebraska, Marquette, Penn State, Winthrop, South Florida, Central Florida, Florida Atlantic, Jacksonville and Murray State.
"My top three right now are Nebraska, Marquette and Penn State," Fields said. "I like the sets that they run and their offense that they all run. Most of the players on these teams are all graduating and they will have players leaving so there will be an opportunity to play right away."
Now the process shifts from turning the interest into offers.
"I think I need to keep doing what I'm doing and keep working on my shot," Fields said. "I think my shot has gotten better and come July, I need to keep playing my hardest."