Exodus of schools to see Moses

South Carolina is quietly one of the top states in the South for producing high-level Division I talent. Class of 2007 prospect Marshall Moses, a 6-foot-6, 230-pound small forward from Aiken (S.C.) High School, will add his name to the list of top players to come out of the Palmetto State.
Last year, Zam Frederick, RaSean Dickey and Sam Perry were the stars from S.C. This year it’s Devan Downey and Casaan Breeden. Down the road, Moses will likely add his name to the list of top players to come out of South Carolina.
Even with the good in-state talent, Moses has tested his mettle against the best of the best in his class, the loaded group in 2007. He wants to be mentioned in that elite core of players.
“That’s something I think about a lot,” Moses said. “I’ve been able to play with the top players in the country like (AAU teammate) Eric (Wallace), O.J. Mayo, Bill Walker, Keenan Ellis, guys like that. And I feel like I’m one of top players in the country, too. I’ve been trying to get better though and not just get by. I have to get better if I want to have good options for my life.”
Moses, who averaged 12 points and 10 rebounds as a freshman starter last season, is now gearing up with more confidence for the upcoming season. His vision is singled on one thing.
“I want to be a state champ,” Moses said matter-of-factly. “I want to win three of them. I think we can. We have a nice team and a lot of the guys look up to me and expect a lot of out me. So I’m trying to work harder for a championship and do the things that will help my team win.”
The youngster is an aggressive defender and rebounder when plays near the basket. He isn’t afraid of contact and doesn’t shy away from the challenge of being the man on the block. At 6-foot-6, he knows his future probably won’t be as a block forward. That is why he has been working his ball-handling, particularly going to his right. The left-hander has also been staying after practice each day for 300 shots on the wing. On occasion, there will be some college recruiters in attendance.
Moses said Florida, Cincinnati, Clemson and Virginia Tech have all made their way to Aiken to see him play in open gyms and practice. He said Clemson has offered while Georgia Tech, Wake Forest and Kansas are also showing a good amount of interest.
Coaches will likely come to see Moses on Dec. 18 when Aiken plays I.C. Norcom out of Virginia, featuring talented 2006 prospect Vernon Macklin. The two will square off in the Chick-Fil-A Classic in Columbia.