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Evans Seven: Top prospects on the reclassification watch

Reclassifications garner plenty of intrigue this time of the year, as the late movers could be the final piece to someone’s roster for the upcoming season. In the latest Evans Seven, analyst Corey Evans targets the top prospects who could move up a class and where their college careers might begin.

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Jon Kuminga
Jon Kuminga (John Wall Holiday Invitational)

Currently the top-ranked player in the 2021 class, it seems as if it's only a matter of time before Jon Kuminga reclassifies into the 2020 class. We don’t have a definitive timeline for when he might make that decision, but what we do know is that Kuminga is focused on a final four that consists of Auburn, Duke, Kentucky and Texas Tech. Kuminga also seems open to the idea of the G League.

As we dive deeper into the offseason, the chances that Kuminga ever plays even one second of college basketball become smaller and smaller. Bank on Kuminga reclassifying into the 2020 class and turning pro, whether that means he goes overseas or to the G League, for his one year between high school and the NBA.



Is Efton Reid the next to move up a year and into the 2020 class? The chances grow by the week, which makes his recruitment one of the more intriguing ones this summer. Qualifying for college is within his grasp, and thanks to the need for a player with his talent, there are plenty of suitors.

Reid has taken official visits to Ohio State and Virginia, and while the Wahoos have been the perceived favorite for more than a year now, landing his commitment will not come easy. Interest in him has only increased lately, with Kentucky being the latest to reach out to him. It doesn’t stop there: Florida State, Georgetown, Iowa State, Kansas, Louisville, Maryland, Miami, Michigan, NC State and Pitt are some of the other schools involved. If on-campus recruiting opens before the summer is over, it wouldn’t be outlandish to think that Reid will take a few official visits and enter the college ranks this fall.



Etienne recently climbed into the top 60 of the 2021 Rivals150, and it could be the final time he is ranked because of the possibility of him reclassifying into the 2020 class. His recruitment remains a wide-open affair and is littered with schools from all over America because of the talents that he brings to the table.

He has already taken official visits to Illinois and Providence and unofficial visits to Rutgers, Seton Hall, St. John’s, Syracuse and UConn. This spring, he has also picked up offers from Georgia, Kansas, Louisville and Tennessee. The odds are about 50/50 that he chooses to reclassify later this summer, and Illinois, Louisville, Marquette, Miami, Syracuse and UCLA seem to have the best chance to land his services.



The decision to reclassify or not has been made more difficult for Gabe Wiznitzer because of the ongoing dead period due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now, if the NCAA decides to pull the current ban and allow for on-campus recruiting, Wiznitzer could begin to take official visits later this summer. But unless that can occur, there is a 90% chance he remains in his current 2021 class.

While the decision to reclassify has been hard enough, selecting a school will be just as difficult, if not even more so. He is a high-major target and his offer list is as diverse as one will come across. Those in consistent contact with him include Cincinnati, Iona, Iowa, Ohio State, Providence, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest and Xavier, all of which could have the chance to bring him to campus before he commits.



There has been some chatter that Franck Kepnang could reclassify into the 2020 class, which would be a giant boon for any program that might win his recruitment. However, the chances of him making the leap a year up and playing in college this fall are rather slim.

That has not kept many of the national powers from prioritizing Kepnang in recent months. A timeline toward a commitment remains unclear, which has made a leader list difficult to project. Name a program and it has likely placed a phone call to Kepnang. Kansas, Ohio State, Oregon, Pitt, St. John’s and Texas seem to be among the favorites at this point.



There was a feeling in the fall and winter that Charles Bediako would move into the 2020 class. However, he has stuck to his word throughout and remained a member of the 2021 class, which has resulted in a recruitment that includes a variety of programs from all across the nation.

Duke first jumped in with an offer in December and the Blue Devils have remained a consistent threat for his ultimate commitment. But there are plenty of others suitors. Alabama, Louisville, Maryland, Michigan State and Pitt have all been involved for months. The latest programs to express interest include Michigan, Ohio State, Tennessee and Texas. It appears that his recruitment still has some playing out to do, but Bediako looks like he'll be sticking to a 2021 graduation at this time.



There has been some thought that Michael Foster was going to be the next five-star to reclassify into the 2020 class. That doesn’t seem to be the case. Foster is young for his grade level, so he would be restricted from placing his name into the 2021 NBA Draft unless he spent more than one year in college, which does not seem to be the preference for the potential one-and-done.

That would make Foster one of the more noteworthy prospects in a rather down 2021 class, which makes him that much more of a priority for the schools recruiting him. Georgia hosted him for an official visit last fall and the Bulldogs have been perceived as the favorite. However, several other suitors have been in contact with him, including Arkansas, Baylor, Florida State, Illinois, Kansas and Michigan. Don’t discount the G League, either, as Foster could be the face of the select program during its second year of existence.