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Evan Turner taking off

After growing eight inches from his freshman to sophomore year, 2007 prospect Evan Turner not only has transformed from a point guard to a small forward, he has also transformed into a high major prospect. Four high majors already have offers on the table for Turner, 6-foot-6, 175-pounds from St. Joseph's High School in Westchester, Ill.
Marquette, Ole Miss, Iowa, Iowa State and Southern Illinois have all offered Turner, and he is fielding strong interest from Miami, North Carolina State, Notre Dame, Purdue, DePaul, Illinois and Wisconsin as well.
"Southern Illinois offered me in April, and my recruitment slowly started to pick up over the summer," said Turner. "Now it is pretty heavy."
Heavy to the point that 13 different high majors have been to his high school to watch him and his teammate Demetri McCamey.
Is there a chance that the two might team up in college as well?
"Sure," said Turner. "If he wants to go where I want to go, that would be great. I like playing with him, and he's a very good player. We have a connection on the court where we know where each other are."
As it is very early in Turner's recruitment, it is difficult for him to differentiate between the schools recruiting him.
"I really like everyone," he said. "It is still so early, and I haven't even played a varsity game yet. I do like North Carolina State and Iowa, but I wouldn't want to say that they are my leaders necessarily."
One reason Turner has gone from a junior varsity player to suddenly a highly sought after prospect is the growth spurt he experienced and the time it has taken to adjust to his new height.
"I started out high school as a 5'10 point guard and now I'm a 6'6 small forward," he said. "I grew 8 inches in one year, and it has taken a little time to get used to it. The advantage is that I handle the ball pretty well for a guy my size."
Already having taken an unofficial visit to DePaul, Turner is set to visit several other schools in the coming days.
"I visit Wisconsin this Friday," he said. "I'm pretty sure they will offer, but I can't count on it. They said they wanted to sit down with me face to face. Then Saturday I go to Notre Dame. On the 22nd I go to Iowa, and then I'm not sure when I will visit Marquette."