Ervins 40 Not Enough

Gary Ervin's brilliant offensive effort was overmatched by the skills of Norman Plummer, Mike Pilgrim, Blake Schilb, Deion James, and Joel Smith.
Plummer scored 38 points, Schilb added 19, Pilgrim (signed with Cincinnati) contributed 18, and Smith and James dropped in 14 a piece to lead Brewster Academy to a 121-115 overtime victory in the Brewster Classic held this past weekend.
Ervin, who is headed to Mississippi State, dropped in four three-pointers. Teammates Carlos Smith (20 points) and Will Blalock (17 points) also made this a tight ballgame until the final second.
David Gale was also outstanding for Brewster down the stretch. He scored on a drive to the basket with under 20 seconds remaining and scored on the free throw to send the game into overtime at 101-101. Gale finished with 12 points.