English talks about his pledge

Bruce English visited Loyola Marymount last weekend and loved everything about it from the coaching staff, to the student section to his opportunity to play there early on. It was such an exciting trip that the 6-foot-1 shooting guard from La Verne (Calif.) Lutheran decided to commit.
"When I first got there, the coaching staff and the players greeted me with the utmost respect and honor and that's the first thing that caught my eye," English said.
"They took me on a tour and let me meet the counselors and some of the professors and they genuinely love the students and the basketball players. What really stood out to me was just to feel comfortable at a college where I'm going to be for four years."
English, a two-star prospect who plays with Belmont Shore AAU, attended Loyola Marymount's Midnight Madness and noticed that the student body was incredibly excited for college basketball season to start. That went a long way in his decision-making process.
The shooting guard also got along well with the coaching staff - especially head coach Max Good - and that played a big factor as well.
"The head coach was the one who recruited me," English said.
"Coach (Eric) Cooper, my high school coach, always told me to go somewhere where they love you. If the head coach is the one recruiting me that does say a lot. I was with him most of the time and coach (Myke) Scholl and coach (Chris) Farr assisted on the visit as well but mainly I was with coach Good."
An opportunity to stay close to home also was a bonus for English, who grew up in Los Angeles and now lives in Rancho Cucamonga. The chance for his family and friends to see him play in college meant a lot.
"I grew up out here," English said. "I was born and raised in LA before I moved out to Rancho Cucamonga. That played a huge role. A lot of my family members will get to see me play so that's a benefit."