English not lost getting lost in transition

Kim English may have slid a little low under the national radar at the national events but the 6-foot-5, 180-pound wing from Baltimore has caught the eye of high-majors.
English caught fire in the spring and played well at the Pittsburgh Jam Fest with Cecil Kirk AAU. He followed it up with a strong showing in July and now the three-star prospect has a handful of high-majors hot in pursuit.
Florida State and Washington State started recruiting him after the Pittsburgh Jam Fest, English said. After seeing him perform well at the Eastern Invitational, Tennessee, Missouri, Miami and Rhode Island jumped into the mix, English said.
Florida State has an official visit date set up with the Notre Dame Prep (Mass.) bound wing on Sept. 28. He also has a tentative date set up with Missouri but will likely re-schedule due to the SAT. The other dates are still being worked on, he said.
English said he is looking for honesty with the coaching staff wherever he goes.
"I don't want any promises given to me. I don't want to handed anything," English said. "I don't want any bias. I want to walk on to campus knowing that if I'm able to be seen as a freshman and I have the chance to contributor, that's all I need to know. I want to get to the Final Four as a freshman. I want to do big things in college."
English won a state championship at Baltimore's Randalltown High School last year and the self-described "pure shooter that can control the realm of the game" is entering prep school on the upswing. He'll be one to watch closely this winter.
"I'm not afraid to go into attack mode and score the ball but I like being able to control the flow of the game," English said.
Having that Baltimore swagger and toughness is one of the things the schools on his list are attracted to.
"We always are playing with older guys so there is just no fear in your competition. That's just how it is in Baltimore. It's like a gene that gets passed down," English said. "When we play, if there is no blood, then there is no foul. You just play through it. That fear factor just isn't there."