Elite Training Camp event: Top Performers

Over the weekend in Indianapolis, Indiana some of the better young players in the Hoosier State and beyond gathered for the Elite Training Mini Camp put on by former college coach Sean Bledsoe. The camp had some impressive prospects, but one of the best was clearly class of 2012 product from Milwaukee, Junior Lomomba.
Top Prospects at the camp
Junior Lomomba: There is no doubt that the 2012 wing has a lot of toughness and big time ability on the basketball floor. Lomomba played at the event with a cast on his right arm, and for the most part that meant he could only go left. Even with that, Lomomba showed off the athleticism and skill that makes him one of the better wings in the Midwest in his class. He attacked the basket off the dribble, finished well above the rim with dunks, and also he was even making jump shots out to the mid-range. At 6-foot-4, Lomomba is a bit more of a small forward than a shooting guard at the moment, but the Milwaukee product showed why he already is being recruited at a high level.
Chrishawn Hopkins: The Butler pledge will definitely add a lot of athleticism to the Bulldogs the moment he gets on campus. Quite simply Hopkins is one of the premier athletes in the entire 2010 class. He showed that with multiple dunks where his head was well above the rim. Hopkins is more than just an athlete though, he does have basketball skill. He showed an ability to shoot beyond three point range off the catch, and also is capable of handling the ball well in traffic while driving to the rim. The next step for him is to be able to shoot of the dribble, but you just don't see too many athletes like him. Hopkins is definitely one of the more undervalued 2010 recruits in the Midwest.
Darryl Baker: He is one of the top prospects, if not the top prospect, in Indiana in the 2013 class, and there is no doubt the kid will live up to the hype. Baker is still figuring out how to play the game, but he is a physically mature player who relies on strength and athleticism to make plays. He handles the ball very well for a prospect his size, and shows signs of being a point guard despite right now being most comfortable on the wing. As his shot continues to improve, Baker will be a force, but right now his peers simply aren't able to match his strength and athleticism off the dribble.
R.J. Hunter: Hunter is the son of current IUPUI head man Ron Hunter, and it is obvious that his dad has taught the 2012 wing well. At the moment Hunter is lanky and needs to add strength, but he has a high basketball IQ, and he looks like he can play multiple positions. Right now Hunter prefers to go off the dribble, but he also showed an ability to knock down open shots, and with his long arms he has the potential to be a very good defender on the wing.
Jacoby Bledsoe: Bledsoe is definitely small, but the 2012 point guard from Indianapolis has a lot of game. He is extremely quick off the dribble, and shows a good instinct to find open men in transition with the pass. Also Bledsoe showed an ability to really knock down outside shots to go along with being a solid athlete. Right now he is clearly at his best when in transition, and will need to work on things when the game is in the half court set. If he continues to grow physically, his stock could see a major spike, but already he is making strides in his game since we last saw him in June.
Brent Calhoun: You need to use some vision with this 2012 post prospect, but Calhoun has some tools to work with. He is knocking on the door of 6-foot-8, and has long arms. Right now Calhoun has three things really working for him. He has incredible hands, good footwork, and the natural ability to block shots. Most impressive are his hands. Both on rebounds and passes, Calhoun absolutely snags the ball and never lets it go. There aren't many big men his age with a better set of mitts. Calhoun however really needs to keep progressing and focus on being able to finish inside, where he missed a lot of easy shots, and also gain that killer instinct that will allow him to be able to take advantage of his size.
D.J. Balentine: Balentine is a solid looking floor general in the 2012 class. Right now he is working on his quickness and being able to beat defenders off the bounce, and at the moment he looks to be getting there. Balentine is a good shooter who is capable of making shots both off the dribble and off the bounce. The whole package of his game has him getting mid-major attention, and if he shows that explosion off the dribble more options will come his way.
Jodan Price: Price is a good looking wing from Lawrence Central High School who will make an excellent combination in the 2012 class with high school teammate Jeremy Hollowell. Price is long, has good athleticism, and showed the ability to make a three point jumper at times. He definitely needs to get more consistent with his jump shot, but his combination of size and athleticism definitely making him one to watch in the future.