Ebis Recruiting Nearing The End

Ndudi Ebi's recruitment could be nearing an end soon as he prepares for his final in-home visit this week.
The Texas coaching staff will have the honor of conducting the final in-home tonight. Last week, Arizona came in on Monday (Sept. 9) and Duke sauntered by on Friday (Sept. 13).
As most ardent recruiting fans know, the ultra-gifted 6-9 Ebi has already completed the official visit process within the past month. He took officials to both Duke and Texas after using his first official visit to Arizona back in May. caught up with Ebi's coach at Westbury Christian, Greg Glenn, and he filled us in on where the process stands entering the home stretch.
Glenn said that Ebi is down to the three aforementioned schools, plus Houston, as his finalists. Indiana is no longer a serious consideration.
"I think he's getting closer to a decision," Glenn said. "He's had in-home visits with Arizona and Duke, and he's got that last one with Texas this week."
"I don't think he is going to take any more [official] visits, but I wouldn't limit him to that," Glenn continued. "I think at this stage of the game, he feels real good about the four schools recruiting him."
Glenn said the in-home visits with Arizona and Duke last week were especially informative in terms of where Ebi will fit in at both schools.
"Arizona is probably looking at him more to replace Luke Walton, whereas Duke isn't trying to play him as a certain number or position," Glenn explained. "Coach K is pretty big on just taking his best players and finding them a place to play."
As mentioned above, Ebi has only taken three of the NCAA allotted five official visits thus far. So if he did want to entertain other schools for visits, he could take up to two more this fall or in the spring.
But Glenn does not see that happening.
"I think he has enjoyed himself and has had really good experiences on his visits, and I think that is probably what's keeping him from taking any more visits," he said.
The one school on Ebi's list that he hasn't visited officially, but knows very much about, is the hometown Houston Cougars.
"He's gone over to Houston and visited there [unofficially], and they've done a good job of recruiting him as well, plus they're right here," Glenn said. "I think Ray McCallum and his assistants are doing an incredible job, so who knows?"
"Ndudi is funny that way," Glenn continued. "He is going to keep his cards close to the vest."
So while a decision seems imminent, Ebi won't be hasty in making a decision.
"It's an important enough of a decision that we don't want to rush it, but we are looking forward to the decision being behind him," Glenn said. "He is focused on having a really good senior year."
Of course, some of the conjecture during the summer revolved around Ebi flirting around with the possibility of the NBA. Not that he's ready from a physical or mental standpoint to tackle such a challenge, but it's almost a prerequisite for a top 10 high school player nowadays to give pause to the pro ranks.
"We haven't really talked about that," Glenn said. "I think for him to be thinking about the NBA right now could stifle his growth as a player."
"When that time comes, the right people will let him know," Glenn continued. "He's being recruited by programs, that with the proper development and the right timing, one day that should come."