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Drummond stands tall at TOC

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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. - Andre Drummond currently stands at the top of the 2012 class, and he came through in the second half, leading his Connecticut Basketball Club to a controversial double-overtime win at the Tournament of Champions.
Drummond started out slowly against the Memphis Magic, playing mainly the role of a high post passer in the first half. In the second half, however, he found his groove. He started to attack the offensive glass and knocked down a couple face up jumpers.
Always a presence on defense, Drummond is more of a finesse face up big man at this point. He doesn't look as comfortable as a scorer playing with his back to the basket. He is a willing passer in that position, but right now with the low release point on his turnaround jumper and power moves, he doesn't take advantage of his length as a scorer.
Nonetheless, he has a tremendously high ceiling, and it will be interesting to see if any other player in the 2012 class can prove himself to be a more worthy prospect over the summer.
There are plenty of schools who would love the opportunity to develop this talented big man, including North Carolina, Duke, Georgetown, UConn and Louisville, all of which have offered scholarships according to Drummond.
Chris Jones (2011 Memphis Magic)- Knocking down an off balanced contested three-pointer to tie the game at the end of regulation represented much of Jones' play this spring. He has the uncanny ability to make the high degree of difficulty shot in the clutch.
On the other side, he also has the tendency to forget about his teammates and dribble himself into impossible situations to shoot himself out of. Always eager for a challenge, Jones can now rest assured that he is a national name as a prospect and that he doesn't have to prove anything about himself on the court. He is at his best when he plays a relaxed game within the flow of his teammates. That is when he can be special.
Adonis Thomas (2011 Memphis Magic)- Love the way he can attack the basket and then side step defenders and score off one foot. Finding teammates off the dribble is still a skill that is in the works. Thomas, however, is a dangerous slasher with an improving jumper. He is also one of the better defenders and rebounders at his position.
Nino Johnson (2011 Memphis Magic)- Like this athletic power forward more and more every time I see him. He is built to last and is a terrific rebounder. He also can score over either shoulder with a jump hook.
He isn't going to provide much from the perimeter, but he is very good at what he does on the block and is able to defend inside and out. Also a competitor, he went toe to toe with Drummond for the majority of the game.
Terry Whisnant (2011 Carolina Raptors)- This prototypical shooting guard made a strong first impression on Rivals.com. He stroked the ball from deep with a high release and attacked the basket with composure. He was also solid on the defensive end on the boards.
Pencil him in as a four-star when the Rivals150 is readjusted.
Quinn Cook (2011 DC Assault)- This heady combo guard makes me think of Scottie Reynolds when I watch him. He quietly can control a game with his composed and skilled play. Rarely does he over do it, but yet the production is there. Crafty and strong with the ball, Cook is a serious threat to score from all three levels.
Jerome Seagears (2011 DC Assault)- Seagears spent most of the time running the point for DC Assault, and he was impressive. Powerfully built, Seagears got where he wanted to get on the court and found open teammates in the process. He also looked comfortable shooting the ball from behind the arc.
Presently a ranked three-star prospect, Seagears might be due a bump in the rankings.
Marcus Thornton (2011 DC Assault)- Liked what Thornton did on the wing as a scorer, playing off the creativity of Cook and Seagers.
Willy Kouassi (2011 Team Alabama)- This 6-foot-10 center might be a little raw but is he ever athletic and aggressive. He rebounded outside of his area and was hungry to block shots. On the offensive end, he has the potential to develop.
Kevin McDaniels (2011 Team Alabama)- This combo forward type is both a smooth and explosive athlete. At around 6-foot-7 he can slash to the basket and play well above the rim. There is a raw high major prospect in McDaniels ready to emerge and then be refined.
Cezar Guerrero (2011 Belmont Shores)- He controls the basketball and scores buckets. Guerrero was strong all day Saturday, putting up big scoring and assist numbers. He might be slight of frame, but he is a tough competitor who knows what to do with the basketball.
DeAndre Daniels (2011 Belmont Shores)- A multifaceted forward, Daniels has a bright future ahead of himself. He is continuing to improve and should give Texas quality minutes as a freshman.
Adjehi Baru (2011 Team Loaded)- Like Kouassi, Baru is a raw big man, but he has more face up game. He plays an aggressive and athletic style of basketball and will only get better and better.
Tracy Abrams (2011 Illinois Wolves)- Speaking of aggression, Abrams impresses with his gritty defense and his physical play with the basketball. He has a nice blend of quickness and strength, and then once he separates, he finishes with composure. Has the makings of being nothing less than a winning guard at Illinois.
Grant Jerrett (2012 Belmont Shores)- He is long and skilled and plenty athletic enough. Jerrett is a great looking prospect as a highly skilled four man. Right now his game is a little more of the finesse face up nature, but he is also a willing rebounder and can finish to a point in traffic. Watching him play, you think all this guy has to do is get stronger.
Torian Graham (2012 DC Assault)- Graham doesn't get a lot of minutes as an underclassman playing behind a loaded backcourt. When he got his minutes, however, he was impressive. A 6-foot-4 shooting guard, Graham was quick to the basket and also looked like a comfortable shooter.
Patrick Ingram (2012 Eric Gordon All Stars 16-U)- A strong athlete at the shooting guard position, Ingram made play after play in a win over Indiana Elite. He looked to have all the tools you would want in a physical and athletic wing prospect.
Braxton Ogbueze (2012 CP3 All Stars 16-U)- Loved the way he ran the point for his team. It seemed like he could make whatever play was called for in any situation.
Reggie Dillard (2012 CP3 All Stars 16-U)- Already with a college ready body, Dillard can stroke it from the outside and can make plays offensively and as a rebounder in traffic.
Madison Jones (2012 CP3 All Stars 16-U)- This wiry combo guard got steal after steal on the defensive end and continually found his way to the rim and finished. He is a very intriguing prospect.