Drew making name for himself

Landon Drew is already a big name on the basketball recruiting circuit because his father played in the NBA and his brother plays at North Carolina but the 2012 point guard remains hungrier than ever, trying to prove he's a legitimate player and not just living off his family's name.
"It really does make me hungry," Drew said. "Even with my dad, he already reached the NBA level and that made my brother more determined and since my brother is almost there it's making me more determined too so I'm just trying to build up and that keeps me running.
"Just watching him from freshman to senior year he kept his poise throughout his entire high school career so when I started playing basketball for varsity as a freshman I just kept my poise, didn't show much expression on the court and that's what I'm going to try to do until my senior year, just stay cool out there."
Drew is a crafty and quick 5-foot-10 point guard from Woodland Hills (Calif.) Taft who has excellent ball-handling skills and the ability to set up teammates for good shots or take it to the rim and finish against taller players.
In many respects he's just like his father, Larry, and brother and that has many people thinking he's the next Drew to become a big-time basketball recruit.
Arizona is very much involved in his recruitment and LSU recently sent a recruiting letter. Oklahoma, UCLA and others are also getting involved but Drew said he's just focused on getting better and not too concerned with recruiting just yet.
"My mom handles pretty much everything I do," Drew said. "Right now I'm just playing basketball and I'll wait until I get to my junior and senior year and then I'll just start picking my schools from there."
It can only help that his brother Larry is playing at North Carolina. Drew said he's learned an abundance of things from him and will continue to watch how his brother handles certain situations.
Drew was one of the top players at the Double Pump May Tournament and prior to that at a Double Pump event in Denver. He will continue to climb the charts because he's an impressive prospect who comes from good stock. He's making a name for himself but his family ties certainly don't hurt.
"Since my brother's at North Carolina it makes me look up to him," Drew said. "I have a lot to prove to people. Everybody always puts my name out there and says I'm not going to be like him but I'm just trying to make a name for myself, not have him make my name for me."