Done Deal For UK

Early last week Bobby Perry indicated he might give a commitment to Kentucky if his visit went well. The visit did go extremely well, according to Perry. "I have committed," Perry said. "I had a great trip. I really enjoyed talking to the coaches."
Bobby Perry's family confirmed how great the visit to Kentucky this past weekend went. "Bobby had a great time," Bobby's mom told us. "He has not completely made a decision."
Perry, a 6-7, 215-pounder from Hillsdale High School in Durham, North Carolina, had a top three list of Kentucky, Stanford, and Wake Forest. "He really enjoyed himself on the visit," Bobby's mom told us today. "I am not sure if he is ready to make a decision right now but he is close."
Perry recently told us the commitments to Wake Forest had affected Perry's thoughts on Skip Prosser's program. However, Wake was still a factor in the process until the end.
Perry averaged 23 points and 11 rebounds per game last season as a junior and is considered one of the better players in the 2003 class.