Dendy showing off at Peach Jam

Greer (S.C.) forward Laron Dendy and the young South Carolina Ravens keep making strong impressions at the Nike Peach Jam this week.
Four Ravens made it into double figures in a 89-74 win over the New Jersey All Stars Wednesday morning. Dendy, who is 6-foot-8, 190 pounds, had six points, three rebounds and three blocks. His coach Dion Bethea said there is plenty of potential in this Class of 2007 member.
"Once we really get his offensive play down he is going to be a great player," Ravens coach Dion Bethea said. "He is got great upside. He is real athletic and can defend real well."
Clemson, North Carolina, Miami, St. John's, Oklahoma, USC and others are on Dendy's very early list.
"I'm looking for a good program and how the education is," Dendy said. "I want to see a good team that can players to the league."
Dendy is trying to be a little more under control with his game.
"I used to be hyper, but now I try to let the game," Dendy said. "That is a big change I've tried to make. No I try to keep it under control."
Keep things under control is working very well for Dendy.
"Dendy certainly passes the look test and matches the physicality's with impressive play on both ends of the floor," expert Justin Young said. "He has a soft touch but can get high above the rim and score and rebound."