DeMathas Munson is true to the point

True point guard is a term that gets thrown around a lot but isn't always backed up with unselfish play and great court awareness. In fact, pass first points are a dying breed. Not with DeMatha Catholic floor leader Nigel Munson. The 6-foot-1, 170-pound junior from the famed Maryland school knows how to involve his team, make the pass and, most of all, win basketball games.
Not a big name on the summer circuit, Munson is still a bit of an unknown nationally. However, he piloted a deep DeMatha team at the Academy National last week and made sure the big guns got their hands on the roundball.
With Virginia bound Mamadi Diane, super sophomore Austin Freeman and junior forward Jeff Allen all scorers, Munson kept his teammates happy with sharp passing and smart play.
"My AAU coach always tell me that I'm a true point guard and a lot of guys that I play against they mostly shoot the ball more," Munson said. "But, with me, I try to get my teammates involved more than I shoot second.
"I think, at least on this team, anyone on our team can score any given night. I can have a breakout game sometimes and other nights it can be Austin or Mamadi or Jeff or anyone. If the game calls for me to step up, I will step up."
He can also step up with great ball handling skills and blink and you'll miss quickness. A high-major? You bet.
After playing with the D.C. Warriors last year, Munson said he'll take the summer off this year in order to concentrate on his grades and understanding of the half court game. Coaches will have to see Munson during the regular season. Some already have.
Arkansas, Virginia Tech and Georgia "are like the main three that send me the most letters," Munson said. "George Mason, too. They know about me."
The Hokies know a lot about him. Munson Visited Virginia Tech with Jeff Allen in the fall for the school's first ACC game.