Deane set to visit Utah this week

After taking official visits to Stanford, Kansas and Gonzaga during the month of May, Daniel Deane is scheduled to take an unofficial visit to Utah later on in the week. The 6-foot-8, 225-pound power forward from Judge Memorial Catholic High School in Park City, Utah., had originally planned to end his recruitment in the fall, but he might be ready to commit to one of the schools on his list before that.
"I just finished up with finals on Friday, so I am definitely looking forward to some rest and relaxation," said Deane. "I have a bunch of stuff lying around that I need to organize, so that is what I have been working on since I got out of school."
Now that Deane, the No 118 ranked player in the class of 2006, has completed his junior year, he and his family will spend more time talking about his recruitment. The next step in the process will begin later on in the week, as Deane has scheduled an unofficial visit to Utah.
"I have not taken an unofficial visit to Utah yet. I have been so busy with school and focusing on my grades," said Deane. "I plan to take a visit to Utah this week. I would imagine the visit will take place on Tuesday or Thursday.
"My main goal is to spend a little time with the players, as I do not really know them very well," he added.
After taking official visits to Stanford, Kansas and Gonzaga during the month of May, Deane had talked about taking an official visit to UCLA in the fall. As it stands right now, it is not known if that visit will actually take place.
Deane intends to sit-down with his family towards the end of the week and discuss his recruitment and, more importantly, decide if he is ready to make a decision about his future or take a visit in the fall.
"There is a chance that I will take an official visit to UCLA in the fall, but I have not made a decision about that yet," said Deane. "My parents and I have not had time to talk about my recruitment as much as we would have liked. I will say that the five schools on my list are pretty much even right now.
"My parents and I are going to sit-down and talk towards the end of the week, so I might be ready to take a step forward in my recruitment after the visit with my parents," he added. "I really do not know if I will take an additional visit or not."