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DC Hoopfest: Q&A with the top-available Anthony Edwards

WASHINGTON, DC – Minutes after dropping 41 points off of a handful of impressive finishes, perimeter jumpers and pull-up conversions, Anthony Edwards’ heartbeat remained as steady as can be. Just another walk in the park for the nation’s best available prospect who has already garnered comparisons to Brad Beal and James Harden up until this point.

We sat down with the premier talent as he discussed his recent reclassification into the 2019 class, picked apart each school within his final list, who will be receiving his official visits and the possibility of using the new G-League initiative that was recently put into practice.

Corey Evans (CE): Junior year is now senior year. Why the reclass?

Anthony Edwards (AE): Basically, it was better for my family and better for me.

CE: What do you have to do to achieve those grades academically to make the leap?

AE: I just have to take a few extra classes but that is about it. I am working hard in school to achieve those grades to make it in college next year.

CE: Why those eight final schools?

AE: They just stood out to me. Great coaches, great people and they all have great facilities. I just like them.

CE: Since you made the move to 2019, have you seen an uptick in attention towards you?

AE: Yeah, a lot of people are coming at me left and right but I just don’t pay a ton of attention to it.


CE: You took your first official visit to Georgia last week so how was it?

AE: It was real good. Tom Crean is a great dude.

CE: What is the new staff been saying to you?

AE: Come to the G. Stay home, stay home.

CE: What are your feelings about that especially in light of some of the top guys doing just the same in recent years?

AE: My feelings about staying home are great because my family could be able to come to my games and not worry about going on any planes and my sister just had a baby which is my nephew so I have a great feeling about staying home.

CE: Florida State is the school mentioned often with you. What are your thoughts on them?

AE: My feelings there is that I love Tallahassee. Coach Leonard Hamilton is a great dude. I am going to take a visit there.

CE: Have you scheduled that yet?

AE: It is probably going to be around January.

CE: Anything else lined up for you?

AE: Everything will be lined up around Christmas break but I will probably take two in January, one in February and then after that, probably commit.

CE: Where else would you want to go?

AE: I will probably take one to Florida State, Michigan State, Duke and Kansas.

CE: The new G-League initiative was implemented where you can jump right into that compared to the college game. Your thoughts?

AE: I don’t think about stuff like that. That is for people that just want to make money. I want to at least get an education.

CE: So, you are definitely set on attending college next year?

AE: Yes sir. If I can create my foundation in college and if I do go one-and-done and can come back and continue my education and get my degree, I want to build a relationship with the people compared to others that will say he just wants to play basketball.

CE: You said you wanted to visit Kansas. What is their pitch to you?

AE: Just to come down and they said that whoever comes to visit Kansas always commits. So, I just want to see how it is.

CE: How about with Michigan State?

AE: It is a great school. Tom Izzo is a great dude. I just want to see how it is.

CE: Duke?

AE: Duke is Duke. Coach K is a legendary coach and I wouldn’t mind playing for him, as well.

CE: UNC is another on your list?

AE: Yeah. I love Coach Roy (Williams). He is real cool.


AE: It is out in LA. Sun. I don’t have to worry about it getting too cold.

CE: Last one is Kentucky?

AE: It is a really good school. Big Blue, they always play on TV non-stop and who doesn’t want to play for Coach Cal (John Calipari)? It is just a matter of time before I choose a school.