Day One Impressions from Boo Williams

The 18th annual Boo Williams Invitational Tournament began tonight with 32 teams in the 17-under division playing on four different courts in Hampton, Virginia.
As expected many of the nations top prospects on the Nike summer circuit were in action.
2005 Prospects Who Shined
Chris Douglas-Roberts- He is thin and not a pure outside shooter, but those are the only critical things that can be said about Douglas-Roberts game. He is a long point guard, who is excellent in the open court and basically does everything at a very high level. Douglas-Roberts is considering offers from Kansas, Florida, Kentucky, Michigan, Michigan State, Marquette, UCLA, and Louisville.
Richard Hendrix- Hendrix was his usual self dominating in the paint. He spent the night battling for rebounds and finishing around the basket. Alabama and North Carolina still lead UAB and Tennessee on his list.
Mike Gerrity- Short but extremely strong, Gerrity shot lay-ups all night. Either on break aways off steals or by barreling through the defense, Gerrity got to the rim. He made 1 of 2 threes, but he looked reluctant to shoot the jumper. Gerrity listed Marquette, Washington, Gonzaga, and Stanford.
Davon Jefferson- Very thin, but long, Jefferson is quick off the floor and has great body control. He could work a little harder on defense, but he is full of potential. Devon has offers from Washington and USC. He is also interested in Arizona, Oregon, Oregon State, and Louisville.
Terreance Woodberry- Normally a power forward on his high school team, Woodberry displayed legitimate perimeter skills. He hit threes, got into the lane off the dribble, and looked good in transition. Woodberry likes North Carolina, St. Joseph’s, Maryland, North Carolina State, Clemson, and Virginia Tech.
Calvin Miles- This tweener can really score the ball inside with his refined post up game. He can also make things happen on the perimeter. Miles is considering offers from North Carolina, UConn, Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Illinois.
Terrel Harris- Harris was all over the court. Penetrating off the dribble and hounding the ball defensively. At times Harris was a blur on the court. He lists Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas, Kansas, and Colorado State who has offered a scholarship.
2006 Prospects Who Shined
Matt Shaw- Not an explosive athlete, Shaw has the head and the skill to get it done. He knows how to use his body and the glass to score over bigger and more athletic opponents. From outside he has a nice stroke out beyond the arc, and he has a smooth jump hook on the blocks. Florida State is Shaw’s leader, and he also likes Duke, Georgia Tech, Florida, Miami, and USC.
Keith Clark- Athletic with good size, Clark displayed the skills to be a big time small forward on the college level. He has very good hands and can score the ball in a lot of different ways. Oklahoma, Illinois, and Connecticut top his list right now.
Bryan Davis- This big bodied athlete caught our eyes as soon as he hit the court. He crashed the boards, finishing all his put backs. He also looked good in transition and posting on the block. The big man showed a nice low post arsenal and solid skills near the basket.