D.C. point guard making all the Wright moves

Last summer, Chris Wright was playing at the 14 and under AAU National Championships in Orlando. What a difference a year makes. The 6-foot-1, 190-pound point guard from St. John's College High School in Washington D.C. helped pilot the powerful Boo Williams squad to a major AAU tournament victory and now the 15-year-old is planning a flurry of unofficial visits this fall.
Less than a year after playing in his age group's National Championship in Orlando, Wright took his game to another level this summer as he joined the loaded Boo Williams squad on the 17 and under circuit. After a few growing pains, Wright looked as if he not only belonged with the big boys but he was ready to prove he was more than D.C.'s best floor general.
"It was kind of tough at first but because everything was much faster and guys were bigger and stronger than me. Then I kind of figured out who to play the game at that level," Wright said. "If you know how to play, you just play. I knew I wasn't going to be bigger or stronger than those guys so I learned how to get into my spots and outthink everyone."
Wright played an important part to Boo Williams's Peach Jam championship and he said he picked up a lot from his talented teammates Eric Hayes, Scottie Reynolds, Greveis Vasquez and Stefan Welsh.
"It was good because they are all going to the same level of school that I want to go to so to hear their feedback and playing behind them was a good experience for me," Wright said. "I learned how to handle the recruiting process from them, too. It was a real good year for me."
The recruiting process has started off strong for the guard. He has a busy fall ahead. He'll travel to NC State over the Labor Day weekend next month. Wright said he might stop by Duke if time allows when he's in the North Carolina Triangle. He's been to Raleigh three or four times before and camped at Duke last summer with Jon Scheyer and Eric Boateng.
Then it's out to Notre Dame in October when the Irish play USC on the gridiron. DePaul, Maryland and Villanova may all get visits, too. Kansas is also involved, Wright said. With the busy visit schedule ahead, Wright said he's taking in the information as it comes along.
"I figured that you don't get a lot of opportunities to experience this so why not enjoy it," Wright said of his travel plans. "I will probably commit after my junior season sometime after the season in the springtime or it could be tomorrow or the next day or the next month. I'll decide whenever I feel comfortable with a place. There really isn't a timetable."
When he's not playing or planning, Wright is learning more about the recruiting process and how to get into college. He has been a part of the NCAA's First Team program for the last three years and over the weekend he was in Colorado Springs with guys like Greg Oden, Mike Conley, O.J. Mayo and Bill Walker as the NCAA had a weekend full of classes discussing the Clearinghouse to how to handle recruiting. A game or two was also mixed into the program.
Remember, Wright is just a kid but he's taking a mature approach to everything he does.
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