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Crittenton likes 3

After shining on the AAU circuit with the Atlanta Celtics in April and May, Javaris Crittenton is ready for a little time to himself and his own game. The 6-foot-4, 180-pound prospect from Southwest Atlanta Christian High School is ready to make stops at the two elite individual camps in June. He's also thinking about his final three schools on his list.
In his last spring on the AAU circuit, Crittenton has taken his game to another level. He starred at the Real Deal on the Hill and at the Kingwood Classic, the two biggest AAU tournaments of the spring.
"I thought I played great," Crittenton said of his spring. "Every chance I had, I was able to show that I was skilled but competitive, too. I thought I played my best in Arkansas. I did the best at what I do."
His ability to get to the basket whenever he wants is his best strength. The kid can just fly on the floor. His burst of speed to the hole is amongst the very best in the country. Crittenton put his guard-heavy Celtics on his back time and time again and found a way to get the victory.
Defensively, he still needs to improve on keeping his man in front of him and working on his lateral quickness. His perimeter shooting is still a work in progress but improving at each tournament.
He'll be able to work on his game at two of the most prestigious skills camps in the country in June. Crittenton will play in the International Sports Invitational/USA Men's Youth Development Festival in San Diego and then make a return engagement to the NBA Players Association camp in Richmond, Va.
"I'm doing everything I can do to enjoy it," Crittenton said. "Every trip is my last trip. Like going to North Carolina (for the Tournament of Champions), I've been up there three or four times. It hit me when I was up there that this was it. That's why I'm trying to just enjoy it all."
On the recruiting front, he's also trying to enjoy the process. Some relief was found in trimming his list down, he said. Crittenton is down to Georgia Tech, Florida and Wake Forest.
"As of right now, it's those three," Crittenton said. "Someone can try to get in late but we stuck with those schools because all three were great schools that were with me in the beginning and all three can be a great school for me."
Crittenton said he wants to get out on the road and make a couple of official visits but that won't happen until the heat of the summer is over.
"I want to visit in the fall. Coach Prosser and Coach Donovan don't want me to visit when the students aren't there. So I'll wait until the fall to do that," Crittenton said. "I want to go as soon as possible but I also don't want to rush to a decision and regret it either."
Always looking at the game, Crittenton has paid close attention to all of the point guards at his final schools. He's watched their progression and tries to envision where he'll be with each program.
"Chris Paul is going to be a lottery pick. Anthony Roberson is a great guard. I was just with him the other day. And with Tech, you look at Jarrett Jack and what he's become there. He's going to be drafted whenever he officially leaves Tech," Crittenton said. "All three schools do a great job with their point guards."
His decision will also factor academics into the equation but in the end, it's a basketball decision.
"I want to make an impact right away," Crittenton said.