Crater analyzing six

[rl]Few point guards bring as a cerebral approach to the game and ability to see ahead of the play like 2008 five-star point guard Anthony Crater. In regards to his recruitment, Crater is taking a similar approach.
Although he could not make scheduled visits to Michigan and Ohio State this past weekend due to a family obligation, Crater will hit the road for a series of unofficial visits, beginning September 16 for a trip to Pittsburgh, then Arizona on September 23 and more than likely Ohio State on the 30th.
Crater will not be on campus just to have fun and watch some football. Instead, he will be analyzing the makeup of the team and the style of coaching.
"I'm looking to play immediately in an up and down system," said Crater, 6-foot-1, 170-pounds from Southwestern Academy in Flint, Mich. I'm looking for a system where the guards have freedom."
Presently, Crater has Ohio State, Arizona, Kansas, Duke, Illinois and Florida at the top of his school list.
"Right now I am focused on these six schools," he said. "During the season I'll try to check out some games of the other teams on my list like Marquette, Georgia Tech, Michigan and Michigan State.
Crater had these observations concerning his top schools and style of play.
"I like the freedom that Coach K gives his players. And I love Coach Weber's three guard system. Coach Olson has always had great guards at Arizona.
"I'm really intrigued by Ohio State's situation and want to see if Coach Matta lets those talented players loose. I love the vision there with all the great players. Now I just want to watch the style because they haven't scored a lot of points in the past.
"It's going to come down to how I fit in and if I can play a valuable role. I also want to win a national championship, so I want to play with the type of players and coaches that can win a national championship."
As a high school sophomore, Crater averaged a double/double with a 11.5 points and 10.2 assists per game. At the Big Time in late July, Crater did an exceptional job creating openings with his penetration and then getting the ball with precise timing to his teammates without over dribbling.
"I take pride in getting the ball to the right guy in the right situation," he commented. "No one really taught me how to do it. Mainly, I just watched older guys like Mateen Cleaves and Charlie Bell and figured out how to see the game two steps ahead. A lot of times I don't know how I did it. It's just a natural gift."
Every school recruiting Crater, with the exception of Duke, has offered a scholarship. Crater is okay with Duke holding out on him but noted that his recruitment might not stretch into the spring.
"Coach Wojciechowski has told me to be patient and that Coach K has some obligations to the USA team and needs to wrap up some '07 guys," he said. "They like to move slowly in offering guys, and that could help them, but it could hurt them. This recruiting is getting a little crazy. I might want to end it this spring, or at the latest, wait until the end of next summer."