Cousins opens it up

The recruitment of elite big man DeMarcus Cousins has taken another turn. Coach Mike Davis still has a good chance of coaching Cousins, but it is looking less likely that he will coach him at UAB.
After failing to get a guarantee from the UAB administration that he would be released from a Letter of Intent if Mike Davis were to leave the school, Cousins has now officially opened up his recruitment.
"He's just opened it up in case things don't go well for Mike (Davis)," said Otis Hughley, Cousins coach at Mobile (Ala.) Leflore High School. "If things work out for Mike at UAB, that's probably what he would do. But he doesn't want to close the door on his foot.
"DeMarcus' ideal world is to be with Mike if he leaves UAB."
Along with Cousins' attachment to Davis, his checkered history in Birmingham is also a factor in his opening up his recruitment.
"DeMarcus' mom doesn't know if Birmingham is the best place for him," said Hughley. "There is a stigma from his past there. It's a city where he had some difficulties when he was young, and his mom isn't sure if it is best for him to be there, especially if he didn't have the guidance of Mike there."
Schools aren't wasting any time jumping back into Cousin's recruitment. John Calipari has already made his way down to Mobile for a visit, and Hughley has fielded calls from North Carolina State, Missouri, Indiana, Washington and Louisville. Hughley also noted that UCLA is expected to pursue Cousins as well.
But before anyone can get to Cousins, they have to go through Mike Davis.
"I'm telling everyone whose calling to call Mike Davis first," said Hughley. "If Mike says no, then I don't mess with them."
Cousins, a 6-foot-9, 250-pound power forward, is the No. 2-ranked prospect in the Rivals150.