Cothron answers the questions

The questions that surround him are endless. Who is he? Where is he from? What is his last name? What is his first name? Who do you spell it? Where is he from? What school is he at? What grade is he in?
The question that seems to get answered first is this: how good is Luke Cothron? He's good enough to play at the high-major level.
Now to the questions. The 6-foot-8, 195-pound forward ended the speculation about his last name last weekend at the Elite 75 Prep showcase. It's Cothron. Not Cawthorne. That's major obstacle out of the way.
The Alabama native is now at Flora McDonald Academy in Red Spring, N.C., roughly an hour southwest of Fayetteville. He left Patterson after a quick stop to move to Flora McDonald in order to "get my grade point average up to a 3.5."
Now in the class of 2010, Cothron is finally feeling like he has some stability in his life.
"It feels good to settle down," he said matter-of-factly.
Coaches are finding him. They are digging up the details regarding the summer riser. Cothron had gyms full of coaches trying to figure out who he is in Las Vegas. He shined for the Southeast Elite program at the Reebok Summer Championships. Shined is being too kind. He dominated.
The five-star junior said he wanted to leave an impression and figured the time was right to do so.
"I was hurt in the spring so I was just okay in Arkansas [at the Real Deal on the Hill] and other places. I figured I had to go all out in July," Cothron said. "I knew that Vegas can either make you or break you."
Vegas didn't break him. Cothron claims offers from Alabama, UAB, Arkansas, Oklahoma State, Connecticut and UNC-Wilmington. Georgia Tech and Wake Forest have also shown interest, he said.
Now fully settled into a prep school, Cothron said he is ready to put himself into a position to find a perfect place in college.
"Do I think I made the right choice," he asked himself last weekend in Charlotte in a conversation with "I think I did."
And he has no questions about that.