Confusion Sets In With Lang

It's easy to see how a young man can become confused in the recruiting process. And when you put your skills on the line at such a talent-rich camp like the ADIDAS ABCD event, you are also going to have to handle plenty of interviews.
And when each interview is conducted, sometimes a different story may emerge. Such was the case for James Lang, 6-10, 300-pounds, one of the top interior players in the 2003 class.
On Monday, asked Lang who his favorie was. He answered Alabama.
On Tuesday, a reporter from a Kentucky newspaper asked Lang and he said Louisville. This story was printed in Wednesday's editions.
So spoke to Lang after his afternoon game yesterday. Lang told us that the quote he made that was printed in the Kentucky newspaper was correct.
But when Tim Watts, another reporter for, spoke to him later, his leader was different -- Alabama.
One thing is clear -- it's cloudy in Lang's recruiting process. Obviously, Rick Pitino and his assistant Mick Cronin made themselves very visible when watching James Lang. So this likely made an impression on Lang. You can also believe that Louisville and Alabama may be in a dogfight for this very talented young man who made the ABCD All Star game last night.
Lang has a wide frame and his strength is evident when you see him push around his defenders in the paint. Other big name programs are taking notice. The Tar Heels of North Carolina studied Lang the past couple of days at the ABCD camp.
Lang has also listed Kentucky, South Carolina, Georgetown, and Cincinnati.