Close To Commitment

Brandon Jenkins, an outstanding 6-4, 167-pound rising senior point guard from Southeastern High School in the state of Michigan, has not made a commitment to any school, as of today, according to family members spoke to this morning.
However, our sources close to Jenkins say he might make his decision before or during the ABCD camp. If he is to make a decision during this time, our sources who know Jenkins well told us today that he is likely to choose Rick Pitino's Louisville program.
It wasn't long ago that Jenkins had told the Pittsburgh Rivals site that he planned on taking a trip to the Panthers campus. But our sources had indicated the past two weeks that this race was shaping up to be a big battle between Louisville, Missouri and maybe Ohio State.
Early on in the recruiting process Jenkins had told us that Pittsburgh was his leader. But apparently this changed over the past six weeks.
Michigan, Purdue, Southern Cal, and Michigan State were previously mentioned. Jenkins averaged 22 points and seven assists last year.