Charlie Villanueva QA -- Part One Two

Several sites across the rivals/alliance network sent us its questions to ask Charlie Villanueva, an outstanding junior from Blair Academy. Here are the questions ASKED BY THE FANS OF THIS NETWORK and here are Charlie's answers. Villanueva was kind enough to answer these questions after the Blair Academy/St. Thomas More game played on Saturday afternoon of this past weekend.
Rivals network: Charlie, if we changed the name of our school to Villanueva University would you definetly come?
Charlie Villanueva: (Laughs hard) That's a great question. Yes, I would definitely come. Do you know who can get it done? (Laughs again)
Rivals network: If you were to go to college how many years do you see yourself on Campus
before turning pro?
Charlie Villanueva: It really depends upon how I do in college. It's a long way off so I am not really thinking about that situation. I am just thinking about winning the league championship for Blair.
Rivals Network: How tight are you with fellow Long Island Panther teamates Jason Fraser and Curtis Sumpter?
Charlie Villanueva: Oh, I am very tight. I had a great experience playing with both of them the past couple of years. Hopefully we can play some more in the spring before they go to college.
Rivals Network: Have they Sumpter & Fraser) tried recruiting you to Villanova and will your relationship with them play any part in your decision in where to go to college?
Charlie Villanueva: Yes, they are trying to recruit me. (he laughs) They are trying to recruit me real hard, almost every day. (he laughs again) It would be great to play with them if it works out that way. But right now I am just worrying about the season.
Rivals Network: Are you a Big East fan?
Charlie Villanueva: Yes I am. I watched the games when I was younger. But it won't play into my decision. I just want to go to a school that is best for me.
Rivals Network: For a guy 6-9 you have a great handle and court vision. What did you
do to develop these skills?
Charlie Villanueva: When I first started playing competitive ball I was small ... about 6-1. Then I spurted up to about 6-7 in about a year. So I had already had those skills before I grew.
Rivals Network: What NBA players do you think your game is most similar to?
Charlie Villanueva: Lamar Odom and Rashad Lewis.
Rivals Network: When Jay Wright starts you at the 4 next to Fraser and Sumpter during
your Frosh year at 'Nova, which of you guys will lead the team in nasty dunks?
Charlie Villanueva: (He laughs) If I were to go to Villanova it would be close between all of us.
Rivals Network: Who is the most famous person's number programmed in your cell phone?
Charlie Villanueva: I really don't have a famous person programmed into my cell phone.
Rivals Network: It's been widely reported that you're strongly considering going
straight to the pros. Can you tell us what you're thinking right now college
vs. pros? 50/50, 60/40 one way? When would you ideally like to have this decision made?
Charlie Villanueva: I would have to know or be guaranteed to know that I would be a lottery pick. I mean they would have to want me first. Then I would consider it. It's such a long way off that it's not right now at the top of my list.
Rivals Network: It's been asked above I think, but who are the leaders for your
services in college right now, and is one or two of those stronger than the
Charlie Villanueva: There really isn't a leader. I am just focusing on the season. I am open. I have not ruled out any school.
Rivals Network: Is there any school other than Villanova out there that can promise to
have your name on the back of the jersey and ALMOST on the front too? Come
on, the choice is easy!!
Charlie Villanueva: (Charlie laughs again) No, there isn't. I don't think there is. But it would be funny to see it on both sides.
Rivals Network: When you consider a starting five of Fraser, Villanueva, Ray,
Deng, and Foye, with Sumpter as your 6th Man, how can you NOT want to commit
to Villanova right now?
Charlie Villanueva: I know all of those players. So if it worked out that way, it would be great to play with them. This is what Curtis and Jason have been telling me. (Charlie laughs) I am certainly considering Villanova.