Charlie V: NBA Or College

There's a little less than a month for high school and college players to make a decision on whether they will put their name into the June 2003 NBA draft. It's a given that LeBron James (right) will be a name tossed into the circle of green. But what about Charlie Villanueva?
Villanueva, a 6-10 small forward with perimeter skills from Blair Academy in New Jersey, is likely to make his decision in the next two weeks. Currently, many of the NBA scouts are over in Europe evaluating the talent there. Some NBA scouts have given some information regarding the draft status. Most of the NBA scouts seem to agree that there is a possibility that eight to 10 players from Europe could be taken in the draft.
So Villanueva must consider this aspect. Villanueva is likely to receive advice from his high school and AAU coach, some close friends, and family before making up his mind.
And if Villanueva decides to play college ball, will he sign with Illinois? A source close to Villanueva told today that Charlie would sign with Illinois if Bill Self is still the head coach.
There is speculation that if Roy Williams takes the UNC head job, Self is in line to possibly land the Kansas job. So there are many aspects to be played out first before we know for sure whether Villanueva will play pro or college ball.