Carmelo Anthony Wants College First

Carmelo Anthony, 6-7, 190 pound swingman from Oak Hill Academy in Mouth of Wilson, Virginia, is rated the third best player in the country by But there is no doubt that Anthony is the best wing player available in the class of 2002.
We caught up to Anthony and spoke to him about his upcoming season and his thoughts about the Syracuse Orangmen.
Mike Sullivan: How are things going at Oak Hill Academy?
Carmelo Anthony: Things are going well. I am really enjoying it at Oak Hill. I think I have adjusted pretty good to it.
MS: Oak Hill is in the middle of nowhere compared to a city like Baltimore. How is that adjustment going?
Carmelo Anthony: It's going well. I am just focusing on my season and my class work. I think I am doing well right now.
MS: Are you awaiting any test scores?
Carmelo Anthony: Yes. I am waiting for an ACT and SAT score. I thought I did well on them. I felt comfortable taking them this time.
MS: Did you sign your LOI with Syracuse?
Carmelo Anthony: Yes. I signed it last Friday. We sent it in to Syracuse.
MS: Have you watched Syracuse play this season?
Carmelo Anthony: Yes. I have seen them play on television. I thought they might have some tough games with Billy (Edelin) not there. But it seems like we have a very good team and a chance to win a lot of games. My family and I are thinking about going up to New York tomorrow to watch Syracuse play Michigan State (preseason NIT).
MS: Where do you see yourself fitting in at Syracuse next year?
Carmelo Anthony: Wherever coach Boeheim wants me to fit in. I will do whatever I can to help out the team.
MS: Has the thought of playing in the NBA been on your mind at all?
Carmelo Anthony: It's crossed my mind. But I am not ready yet to play in the NBA. There are some things I am working on in my game that I want to improve. I am going to play for Syracuse next season. I am real excited about playing for Syracuse before those great fans there. It's going to be loud playing in that place.
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