Carmelo Anthony Update

Oak Hill Academy head coach Steve Smith told us today that his star player, Carmelo Anthony, continues to make improvements in his individual game. "I knew he was a good shooter coming in," Smith told us today. "But I didn't realize what a great passer and what a great rebounder he is becoming."
Smith pointed out to Anthony's last game -- against Louisville Male High School of Kentucky. "Carmelo had 27 points," Smith said. "He hit 13 of 19. This is the most he has shot this season. But he also grabbed 15 rebounds in the game too."
Smith said Carmelo improves game to game. "He does something better each game," Smith said. "He is just focusing on the season."
What about the NBA? Smith said NBA scouts have been showing up at all of their games. "I guess they are interested in Carmelo or are taking a look at Sani (Ibrahim)," Smith said. "We made a trip to a Cleveland Cavaliers basketball game.
"We went there to watch Sagana (Diop) play," Smith contined. "After a while, Carmelo told me he thought the NBA was boring. The NBA is clear a side out and try to score. It's that way for most of the season except for the playoffs.
"Carmelo is really into the college game. He watches it a lot. He is into the Carrier Dome and the fans. He likes the atmosphere of the college game."
Smith said that Carmelo took his SAT this past Saturday. "He is very close," Smith said. "I think he will get it on this try. I think once he gets this out of the way, there will be no chance of the NBA."
Smith did say NBA scouts have been at every game. "I am sure they are looking at Carmelo and Sani (Ibrahim). But Carmelo, unless he completely does a flip, is going to Syracuse."