Carmelo Anthony Still Solid With Syracuse

Oak Hill Academy head coach Steve Smith told us today that his star swingman, Carmelo Anthony, is as solid as ever in going to play for the Syracuse Orangemen next season.
"He has never uttered a word about the NBA," Smith said. "The scouts are there watching him. I see some familiar faces that I saw from last year when Sagana (Diop) was being looked at. And I am sure Carmelo sees them too. But he only talks about playing for Syracuse next season."
Anthony continues to have a great senior year at Oak Hill Academy. He is also awaiting a test score to make sure he is academically eligible. "He is only focusing on making himself a better player," Smith said. "And he is focusing on making himself a better student. He is succeeding in both areas for us right now."
Anthony has made improvements in his mid-range game from the perimeter. "I told him he has to do that to be a complete player," Smith said. "He has done a great job now in stopping on the break and taking the jumper instead of possibly drawing an offensive charge. I still want him to take the ball to the basket because he can draw fouls and he can shoot the foul shots great."
Smith said that Carmelo is also aware of a promise he made to his mother. "He told me he made a promise to his mother to go to college," Smith said.
"He would be the first in his family to go to college. That's very important to him and his mother. So I expect him to be at Syracuse next year. It's the only thing he really talks about. He never talks about the NBA."