Caracter Lists Four

Derrick Caracter, the No. 3 ranked player in the class of 2005, is a large presence in the lane at 6-foot-8, 287-pounds. Caracter, from Elizabeth, New Jersey did have a strong leader, but a coaching change has moved that school into an equal setting with three other schools.
“I like St. John’s, Michigan, Miami, and Indiana,” said Caracter at the Kingwood Classic. “I wanted to go to St. John’s but then Coach Jarvis left, so I don’t know now. I haven’t talked to the new coach yet.”
One thing Caracter is watching closely is where Coach Jarvis might land with a head coaching job. Caracter indicated that he would probably want to player wherever the former St. John’s coach coaches next.
Even at his large size, Caracter is very mobile around the basket and likes to score off powerful spin moves around the block. His mobility from end to end does leave a little to be desired.
“The part of my game that needs to get better is running the floor consistently,” he said. “It is not that I am out of shape. I just need to be a more consistent in my running.”