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California wing man back in the swing of things

Thanks in large part to injury, things have been quiet on the Stephen Domingo front. Look for that to be changing sooner than later.
It was a foot issue in July and then a wrist issue in October that had Domingo on the shelf. But since being cleared a little over a month ago, the 6-foot-6 junior wing at San Francisco (Calif.) St. Ignatius has gotten back into the swing of things.
"It feels great," Domingo told Rivals.com. "Just to get back into the flow of everything that I've been doing before. Not working out and playing kind of disrupted my whole schedule not being able to do everything I'm used to. But, now I'm back in the flow and it feels great.
"The injury also made me realize how much I love basketball."
Known for his ability to shoot jumpers from range and size for the wing, Domingo has embraced improving in other areas of his game.
His high school team is young and lacks size so he's dived into learning to play in the post with the understanding that it will quite likely help him long term.
"Over the summer I obviously felt that I could really shoot the ball," said Domingo. "One thing I'm trying to ad is something that will really translate to the next level for scoring. I'm really trying to go to the mid post and make plays.
"Most of the time there is going to be some sort of mismatch. If they put a guy 6-4, 6-3 on me on I'll be able to take him down to the post. Also if a coach needs me there some in college it will be an easier transition because I'm learning things for the first time."
So far during his shortened season, Domingo has gotten visits from the head coaches of Arizona, California, Washington, Arizona State, USC, Georgetown, Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, Penn, San Francisco and Colorado.
With coaches being able to watch tournaments in April, Domingo plans to make the first adjustment to his list prior to travel season.
"I'm going to do that after the season," said Domingo of trimming some schools from his list. "Then after that, I'm going to re-evaluate after April. But, I'm definitely going to cut my list after the season."
Currently ranked No. 31 nationally in the class of 2013, Domingo is a four-star talent who will be choosy. When it comes to deciding, he's going to take a long look at the relationship he feels he can develop with a coach.
"The first thing for me is a relationship for a coach, that's the thing I rally want to build," said Domingo. "If I really feel that the coach can give me that guidance to be successful in college and possibly going forward to the NBA that's what I'm looking for. Second I'm looking towards the personnel and to see if they've been successful with the coaches and developing."