Brandon Jenkins Has A Leader

Brandon Jenkins, an outstanding 6-4, 167-pound junior point guard from Southeastern High School in the state of Michigan, has already indicated he has a leader in his recruiting process.
"I like Pittsburgh right now," Jenkins said. "But I am looking at several other schools."
The other schools are Michigan, Purdue, Southern Cal, Michigan State, Ohio State, and Louisville. "I have also visited Michigan, Michigan State, and Ohio State," Jenkins said. "I would like to visit the other schools in the spring."
Jenkins, whose team plays in the state playoffs this Monday, told us he is still open in his recruiting process despite having the Panthers as his leader.
"I want to see what school has good playing time," Jenkins said. "Pittsburgh appears to have a lot there. So that's a reason why I am looking at them seriously."
Jenkins is averaging 22 points and seven assists so far this season for a team that has won 15 of 16 games thus far this year.