Boynton is on a mission

Before the high school season began last fall, Kenny Boynton told anyone that would listen to him that his mission was single-minded.
Win state and the rest will follow.
Mission accomplished for the 6-foot-2 shooting guard from Pompano (Fla.) Ely High School. Boynton helped his club win the state title and hasn't looked back since then.
After averaging nearly 30 points a game, Boynton has been on a tear this spring. He was outstanding at the Pitt Jam Fest and the King James Shooting Stars Classic. At the recent Wallace Prather Memorial, he scored 21 second half points against a Tyreke Evans led Team Final.
Every tournament has the same theme with Boynton, the No. 9 ranked player in the class of 2009. The theme generally uses the word dominant.
"It's not really a surprise to me about how well I've been playing," Boynton said. "It's like I've been letting the game come to me. I've been working out a lot lately. It's just coming along."
Boynton quickly admits his motivation is not surrounded around the things that don't matter with basketball. His focus is on title number two.
"I think about that everyday," Boynton said. "Now I'm trying to get another one."
"My confidence is very high right now," Boynton said with a wide smile.
Boynton was one of the several players that moved up in the 2009 rankings. Boynton, never one to lack confidence, said he knows there is always room for improvement all the while keeping his bravado about himself.
"Coming from me, I think I'm one. There are a lot of other good players," he said. "I know there is Renardo (Sidney) and Lance (Stephenson). I know this class is good. That's why I have to keep working hard everyday. I know they are working hard, too."
College coaches are working hard on Boynton these days. The five-star sophomore said he has seen his recruitment blow up even more than usual this spring. He said Ohio State, Georgia Tech, Villanova, Florida, Kansas State, UConn, Florida State and Miami are the hottest pursuers at this stage of the game.
He said he has noticed a change in the way schools are coming at him.
"It's a lot different now," Boynton said. "Coming up, my dream school was Florida. And I still like Florida, don't get me wrong, but there are so many schools out there that I have to think about.
"I've thought about (committing early) but I think I'm going to wait. I don't want to commit early but I can't lie. It crossed my mined a lot."
So has the deciding factor on where he wants to go to school.
"Mostly, the system and how it fits me," Boynton said on what he's looking for in a school. "That's going to be the main thing. And who else is coming before me and after me. Some schools like me at the two. And I like that. But I'm still going to work on my one skills because of my size."
Wherever he goes, Boynton will bring that do-whatever-it-takes mentality with him.