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Both Bartons can ball

Five-star prospect Will Barton has established himself as an elite shooting guard prospect with his inspired play this spring. Barton's brother and teammate at Baltimore (Md.) Lake Clifton High School Antonio Barton doesn't get the same recognition as his brother, but he is a high major point guard prospect in his own right.
Antonio, 6 feet 2, 165 pounds and 10 months younger than Will, impressed with his play at the Pangos All American Camp. He is quick and skilled with the basketball and has a penchant for making shots off the dribble.
Antonio's status as a high major three-star prospect complicates the Barton brothers' recruitment. They would prefer to play together in college, but not all the schools offering Will have offered Antonio. One of the schools that has not offered Antonio is Kentucky, which is Will's favorite at the moment.
"The first option we are looking at is for them to play together," said the brothers' Godfather and advisor Roland Cox. "It's a strong bet that they go to the same school, but they are also considering the option of going to different schools.
"The perfect scenario is for Kentucky to offer Antonio, but I think they are really trying to get Brandon Knight."
Will, who is 6 feet 6 and 170 pounds, has Memphis, Xavier and Syracuse on his list behind Kentucky. It just so happens that Memphis and Xavier have also offered Antonio.
"We're headed down to Memphis this weekend to visit," said Cox. "When we get back we will call Kentucky and set up a visit. We are going to look at those two situations and see what is best."
If the Bartons aren't satisfied with either Memphis or Kentucky, then Syracuse - who is strongly interested in Antonio - will get a visit and possibly Miami, who has offered Antonio.
"Their mom really wants them to play together, but the boys will have room to make their own decisions," said Cox. "I'm just encouraging them not to be one of those prospects that commits and then decommits. This past season Will wanted so badly to commit to Kentucky, but we told him it was too early. If he had committed, he would have committed to a coaching staff that isn't there anymore. But Will loves the school and wasn't just wanting to commit to a coach. Now Coach Calipari, who he liked at Memphis, is there, so that is attractive."
As the offer list stands at the moment, Memphis would be the winner if the brothers stick together. If they go separate ways, then Kentucky likely lands Will and either Miami or Syracuse is in the best position for Antonio according to Cox. But then an offer from Kentucky could certainly simplify the situation.