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Bossi's Best: Potential 2020 stock boosters

Devin Carter
Devin Carter (Nick Lucero/

Each winter we see players who are under the radar emerge as high-major options. Who will do that this season? In this week's edition of Bossi's Best, national analyst Eric Bossi looks at 10 members of the senior class who currently rank outside of the Rivals150, like high scoring guard Devin Carter, that could see their stock and recruitments take off this winter.

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Recruitment: Offers from DePaul, Florida Atlantic, Georgia Tech, Richmond, South Carolina, Virginia Commonwealth and others.

Why his stock could rise: The son of longtime NBA player Anthony Carter, it's kind of surprising that Carter isn't receiving more attention than he already is. He's very skilled, plays with toughness and puts up big scoring numbers. He's a legitimate high major option this winter.

Recruitment: Offers from Cal State Fullerton and New Mexico.

Why his stock could rise: Arizona State, Mississippi and Texas Tech offered the slender big man with mobility and upside as a junior, but things have since quieted. This season, he'll play with a pretty loaded group at Compass Prep and given that there aren't many big men left, he'll get every chance to prove he's worth developing at a high major. Once he adds strength, he's got a high ceiling for improvement.

Recruitment: Connecticut, Florida State, Georgia, LSU, Rhode Island, Rutgers, St. John's and others have offered.

Why his stock could rise: Not only is there a lack of available big men, there are even fewer with the physical makeup Gray has. He's got a chance to add lots of muscle to a big frame and could be a true space-eater that controls the lane while still having the mobility to run the floor. Like many young bigs, lack of consistency is a worry, but he's one of the best available.

Recruitment: Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Georgia Tech, Mississippi, UAB and others are involved.

Why his stock could rise: There's a lot to like with Gordon. He's capable of playing either the four or the five in college, is a good athlete and has a strong motor. His hands are good, he's going to see his body take off in a college weight room and he'll be a guy that can be developed for the long term. Don't be surprised when he becomes a priority in the Southeast.

Recruitment: BYU, Oregon State, St. Mary's, Utah State and others.

Why his stock could rise: Hall is a playmaker first who can also stick a jumper in your face. He's got good athleticism, makes solid decisions and has pretty good size for a floor general. He's tough and unafraid of competition. He should be one of the top prospects out west this winter.

Recruitment: DePaul and St. Joseph are among those making him a priority.

Why his stock could rise: A product of the Netherlands, N'Guessan made a strong impression on our Corey Evans and many college coaches last weekend. He's a fluid athlete, has great hands, tracks rebounds all over the floor and has touch with the jump shot. He's well on his way to blowing up this winter.

Recruitment: Decommitted from Florida State in the fall. Boston College and others have jumped in.

Why his stock could rise: Now in a prep school year, the Florida native is a smooth and bouncy athlete who projects as a college combo forward. Early word on him this season is that he has committed himself to getting stronger and becoming a factor on the glass. He's unquestionably a high-major athlete.

Recruitment: Arkansas State, Missouri State, New Mexico, SMU, Southern Illinois, Southern Miss and others.

Why his stock could rise: Reeves is a flat out bucket-getter and proven winner on the high school and grassroots levels. He plays with a ton of confidence and is a streak jump shooter who can put points on the board in a hurry. He'll also get out in transition to finish and doesn't back down from anybody.

Recruitment: East Carolina, George Mason, Georgia Tech and others.

Why his stock could rise: It's somewhat surprising that Thomas made it through the fall period without more programs prioritizing him. He does need to add some strength, but he's a long and lanky wing who can put it on the floor, shoot some from range and has a very high ceiling. Don't be surprised if ACC and SEC programs get much more aggressive with him this winter.

Recruitment: DePaul, Nebraska, Rhode Island and UC Riverside.

Why his stock could rise: The son of future NBA Hall of Famer Dwyane Wade, he's got name recognition. Having moved from the Miami area to play for a loaded Sierra Canyon team for his senior season, Wade will be on a national stage on a near nightly basis. We've seen plenty of late-blooming children of NBA players over the past years, could he be the next? His passing and athleticism are his strongest attributes.