Boeheim: Carmelo Is Like Billy Owens

Everyone who has visited this website has the information about how good Carmelo Anthony, a former 6-8 swingman from Oak Hill Academy, is at dominating a game offensively. Now it appears that even on the college level, coaches are coming away impressed with Anthony, a McDonald's All American, is competing at Syracuse in the practice sessions.
Anthony will start his college career this Thursday during the Coaches versus Cancer event being held at Madison Square Garden in New York City. And Carmelo is excited. "The young guys are very excited," Boeheim said. "They may not remember what we remember about the Garden, but they understand what it means."
Anthony played in the Garden last April. He showcased his smooth moves to the basket and his terrific perimeter skills. He is very good. He reminds me of Billy Owens as a freshman. Billy did alot of things well and was well rounded player. I think they are very similiar as I look at both guys."
Can you say special? This is the word most commonly used to describe Anthony's great game. "He has got a chance to be a real special player," Boeheim stated. "Like all freshman, you worry about the hype getting too much. He has been good. He has handled it well. He works hard. He has got a very well rounded game. He does a lot of things well."
But Boeheim said most people should not expect a perfect player. "Like all freshmen, I am sure he will go through his ups and downs," Boeheim said. "But he likes to play the game and he has fun playing the game. He is really excited about playing college basketball. And that's nice to see."