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Birmingham Future 150 recap

The Future 150 Camp began its 2nd year on tour and the first stop in the series was Birmingham on August 14 and 15. A lot of young talent was on display headlined by the number 15 player in the country Tymond Howard out of Pearl, MS. The top 20 All-Star game was extremely competitive with new young faces proving they can play.
Here are the top performers from the camp.
Tymond Howard-(2012-MBA Hoops) the 6-foot 6 inch SG showed good range on his jumper to go along with his solid frame. He finished well with contact and played with a high motor. Howard was one of the few high major prospects in the camp and showed that characteristic throughout. Howard has offers from Tennessee, Mississippi State and Baylor among others.
James Sinclair-(2011-South GA Kings) 6-foot-3 inch WG scored in a variety of ways throughout the camp. He showed long range abilities, a solid mid-range game and the ability to finish at the rim. The long, athletic wing should be a hot target this fall from mid-major programs throughout the Southeast.
Jacorey Williams-(2012-Birmingham Storm) the 6-foot-7 inch SF is a long rangy prospect showed improved ball handling skills. He has increased his range to the three point line. Williams proved he has gotten quicker on the defense and showed the ability to attack the rim off the dribble. He has received offers from East Carolina and Jacksonville while receiving a ton of interest from Alabama, Auburn, Arkansas and Georgia among others.
Devin McNeil-(2011-Team Alabama) the 6-foot PG has added 10 pounds of muscle to go along with his increase in quickness and athleticism. He was definitely one of the most consistent players at the camp. He can knock down the three point shot with regularity and finish as the rim with contact. McNeil currently has offers from Samford, Nebraska, High Point, and South Alabama and receiving interest from Auburn, Western Kentucky, Minnesota and Middle Tenn State.
Louis Dabney-(2012-Louisiana Select) the 6-foot-3 inch SG showed the ability to score in bunches and from all 3 levels on the court. He possesses a great frame and showed great strength when finishing at the rim. He rebounded the ball well from the guard position. Dabney showed a strong mid range game.
DeOntaye Curtis-(2013-Birmingham Stars) the 6-foot-7 inch combo forward is very skilled. He is blessed with good hands and feet. He sees the floor well in transition and the half court. Curtis rebounds the ball well on both ends of the floor. Curtis is receiving early interest from UAB and Auburn.
Malik Ruffin-(2012-Alabama Lightning) the 6-foot-2 inch PG showed good strength when guarding both guard position on the floor. He sees the entire floor as he made some elite full court passes in transition. His mid range game was on display as made shots consistently and continued to show off the floater. Ruffin is good looking prospect.
Jobe Dillard-(2013-Arkansas Stars) the 6-foot-3 inch SG proved he could attack the rim on the break and in the half court with the best of them. His overall strength and size for a young player clearly set him apart from the competition. He finished at the rim with his left hand better than his strong hand which was very impressive. Dillard was a tenacious defender and showed the speed to guard his man the full length of the floor. Look for big things from him in the coming years.
Robert Watson-(2011-) the 6-foot-3 inch CG was extremely quick and had a high end motor which made it difficult for the man he was guarding. He has a long wings span and was really active rebounding the ball on both ends of the floor. He showed a nice mid range game which he made consistently. Watson is hearing from UTA and Houston.
Hunter Leveau-(2012-Tennessee Ice) the 6-foot-5 inch SF is a long rangy player who showed good athleticism in the open floor. He proved he was a deadly three point shooter and shot it with the most consistency than anyone in the camp.
DeMarc Richardson-(2012-Memphis Select) the 6-foot-2 inch SG might have been the most athletic player in the camp. His overall strength and quickness clearly showed that he might be top defenders in the 2012 class. He showed he can get to the rim and finish with either hand while taking contact. His improved ball handling allowed him to play both guard positions on the floor. Richardson is hearing from Belmont, Auburn, Florida State, Wake Forest and Memphis.
Loren Hall-(2012-Hoop Planet) the 6-foot PG is a well built player who has added ten pounds muscle to his frame since last year's camp. He showed a good burst when attacking the rim of the dribble and proved that he sees the floor when he breaks down defenses. His improved three point shot making to go along with a nice mid range game has him setting up to be a nice mid major prospect.
Seab Webster-(2013-Southeast Elite) the 6-foot-6 inch SF is a cerebral player who has great size and the ablility to play multiple position based upon who's guarding him. He showed much improvement in his mid range shot making ability while knocking down the 3 pt shot with regularity. He can also take you in the post where he showed multiple moves around the basket while finishing with contact. Webster is hearing from Alabama, Auburn, and Georgia among others.
JJ Frasier-(2013-South Ga. Kings) the 5-foot-7 inch PG showed really good ball handling skills. He has a good tempo to his game and is more of a floor general. Fraiser also made the 3pt shot in bunches. As he gets stronger and quicker look for Fraiser to become more of a dominate scorer. He is definitely a DI prospect.
JaQuez Motley-(2011-Atlanta Celtics) the 6-foot-1 inch PG showed good athleticism and improved strength which allowed him to finish with more regularity at the rim. A great first step allows him to create for others while also knocking down the mid range jumper. Motely has great court vision both in transition and as the game slows down. He has a top two of College of Charleston and Georgia.
Tyler Gamble-(2011-Gainesville Wildcats) the 6-foot PG showed great court vision in transition and in the half court. He has good quickness which allowed him to create for his teammates. Gamble showed a nice mid range jumper and was able to finish with regularity on the break.
Cody Farley-(2012-Birmingham Storm) the 6-foot-7 inch PF proved he can play both inside and out. He shot the ball really well from the three point line. If he adds muscle to his already nice frame he could develop into a nice face up power forward. Farley rebounded the ball on both ends of the floor and handled it well enough to start the break.
Carson Brooks-(2012-Tennessee Ice) the 6-foot-5 inch PF was a beast around the basket. His big body allowed him to take contact and still finish at the rim. He handled the ball well for a man his size. His athleticism allowed him to have some of the best dunks in the camp.
Jacob Lloyd-(2011-Mid State Ballers) the 6-foot PG showed great quickness and lateral movement when guarding the ball. He was probably the best on ball defender in the camp as he guarded both guard positions. His ability to score on all three levels makes him a solid prospect.
Aaron Scott-(2013-South Ga. Kings) the 6-foot-3 inch SG was one of the best overall scorers in the camp. His athleticism and quickness allowed him get by defenders and score from mid range and at the rim. Scott was one of top three point shooters in the camp as well. With added strength, it looks like he can develop into a high major prospect.
Calvin Walker-(2012-Tennessee Ice) the 6-foot PG is a hard nose kid who played extremely well both days. He shot the ball well from all three levels. Walker was one of the best on ball defenders in the camp.
Justin McCleary-(2013-Arkansas Stars) the 6-foot-2 inch CG is a good looking young prospect who shoots the ball well. He showed he can play both guard positions on the floor. He shot the ball all weekend. One of the best prospects at the camp. McCleary has a chance to develop into a high major prospect.