Big Ten School Pursues 2 Player's number two ranked player in the country, Luol Deng, has certainly proven he is worthy of that high status this past weekend at the Three Stripes Classic held on the campus of Hofstra.
Deng knocked in 43 points, grabbed 15 rebounds, and had six assists Friday night against the Juice All Stars. He has been simply magnificent with his overall game.
And he has had plenty of interest from the top programs in the country. Missouri head coach Quin Snyder, Florida head coach Billy Donovan has watched him several times along with Duke assistant Chris Collins. And there are many others too hoping to get a shot at Deng including Texas, Virginia, Wake Forest, Fairfield, North Carolina and George Washington. Each of these schools had representatives watching Deng. Though it is not clear how much interest Deng has in the Tar Heels since he previously has not been mentioning them.
Deng, a highly skilled 6-8, 217 pound small forward from Blair Academy in Blairstown, N.J., spoke to yesterday and he added he is showing more interest in Indiana University. "I have watched some tapes of their games and I like what I have seen," Deng said. "I am learning about the school and the program. So they might be a school I look at more in the future."
Deng's future includes some time off before he plays in his next tournament. He has a sore knee and wants to rest it. But he has been awesome this weekend at the Three Stripes. "I didn't want to let my team down," Deng said. "It hurts. But I can play."
And play he has.
A multidimensional player, Deng can handle, pass and shoot the ball with tremendous efficacy for someone of his size. "I am trying to work on all of my game," Deng said. "Then when the summer is over I want to take my five visits."
Where? "Right now I don't know," Deng said. "But I should have some idea in August."