Big Man Loves Big East

CHAPEL HILL, NORTH CAROLINA -- At first glance, Walter Waters looks like a man who can pave the way for a running back to get into the end zone. But this 6-9, 265-pounder is much more than a wide body that takes up space. watched Waters play this past weekend at the Bob Gibbons Tournament of Champions event. Waters, a lefty, uses his wide frame to shield his defender in the low post very effectively. It's easy to get an entry pass into Waters.
When Waters grabs the pass in the low blocks, he does have some skills in scoring close in. "I am trying to work on that every game," Waters said. "I want to improve my shooting and ballhandling too."
Waters will score points for sure in the low post. He has enough skills to be a threat and his is big enough where he will overpower some defenders too.
Waters, who has given a commitment to Pittsburgh, likes his chances of being an impact player for the Panthers. "I like Pittsburgh because they have players like me who get the ball in the low post and score," Waters said. "The style gives me a chance to be an impact player."
Waters, who competes at Southeastern High School in Detroit, Michigan, told us he wants to improve his quickness too. "I just have to work hard," Waters said. "The Big East is a tough conference. It's very physical. I like that style."